A new party role?

Over at Blog Azeroth they are asking Does WoW Need another party role?

Llanion describes an interesting concept for an alternate party role: the Denialist. The Denialist would have abilities to counter, lock down, slow, and otherwise prevent opponents from performing their own tasks, while strengthening their own team. One of the reasons I really like this concept is that as Euripedes points out, some of the existing classes in WoW already have many disruptive abilities and I play two of them. Take away a bit of the healing and a couple DoTs and the cross between a Discipline Priest and an Affliction Warlock would go a long way in filling that niche: CoX to slow, CoT to dampen cast times, Fear to CC, Power Infusion to buff party members, Pain suppression to mitigate damage and buff healing.

I’d like to add to that thought something that would be completely new to WoW and which could possibly aid the class where it would be most vulnerable: soloing. When you enter Arena and see your opponents, your first thoughts are to analyze them and plan a counter to what they will bring and make them blow their cooldowns as early as possible when it is of the least benefit to them. If you saw a Denialist you would know he would be trying to break up your strategy and that he wouldn’t be healing or DPSing. But what if you didn’t know that. What if the Denialist had abilities to fool you into thinking it was a mage, or a rouge?

This could go a long way in providing more disruption to a team’s strategy, though admittedly it would only be relevant to PvP unless you had the ability to use some of those classes’ abilities. Maybe the solution would be to allow the Denialist to morph into every class but only be able to use the class’ disruptive abilities: a rouge’s sap, a warlock’s CoX, a druid’s entangling roots… while not allowing a way for PvPers to tell your true class unless they really pay attention.

Like Euripedes said, I don’t think WoW needs another party role but if Blizzard ever made one I’d play it.

~ by Thuenderman on February 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “A new party role?”

  1. I’m not sure I’m liking the snapshots… i guess if there are only one or two that’s ok but if you ever write something that’s full of them it’ll get annoying.

    I think that a disruptionist or whatever should have an additional element that nothing else has- unarmed combat. I think that having JUST those CC type abilities would be boring- and how would it level? Ya, it might never loose, but how the hell would it win? I think if they made it a kinda of martial artist (and if not this, then the disc priests) it would attract a lot of attention.

    so- instead of getting weapon X, you pick up SKILL X. and as you aquire more you can equip them like weapons- so you always have “kick” and “punch” and “ball kick” but if you pick up the Skill for “Matrix slow-mo kick” you can only do that move, and get those buffs (it would have buffs like a weapon) while that skill is equipped. this class would always be unarmed unless it was… a staff? ya, that would be appropriate.

  2. I agree about the snapshots, and I just found a way to disable them (they are a default feature for all links in WordPress).

    As to the idea of a martial artist class, I have many ideas on that topic, specifically for the disc priest, but that’s a whole post in and of itself 😉

  3. I play my warlock in PVP battlegrounds in very much the same way. I have a Level 38 Blood Elf Warlock with 3000 kills and Full affliction spec. Very effective using the same concept for a long time. Just never gave it a name as far as the combat strategy. DENIALIST. Yea. Great ring to it.

  4. […] about 9500 HP, 12k mana, and my job is to tank. I’m not kidding. More precisely my role is to distract and deny the other team while staying alive while my hunter burns them down. And I do mean burns. He is in […]

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