Raiders getting caught PvPing

I’m noticing an interesting trend in our WoW blogging community, that where a lot of the raiders are starting to try our their hand at PvP to fill in the gaps or because of a slowdown of raiding. I noticed it particularly in that the same thing is happening to me.

I leveled a priest for the main reason that I knew I would always be a commodity. Sure I leveled as Shadow like most people did but I always favored +healing gear to damage gear and I don’t remember a single instance I ran while leveling where I wasn’t healing. Once I hit 68 I respecced Holy and yet to be Shadow since (I have, of course, switched to Discipline since but I still heal πŸ˜‰ So now I raid with my priest and I heal, sometimes do a heroic, an app run or dailies, and that’s about it.

Then I started a 2v2 Arena team with a hunter in my guild. Holy crap Arena is fun. I had been staying away from PvP almost as a rule. I am a healer, I am not a fighter (Did I mention how tough leveling a priest is? I thought it was hard while doing it, then I rolled a warlock. Night…. and…. Day…..), why would I want to test my mettle against other players when there are tanks to keep alive? I remember doing the Hellfire daily and being so irritated that I had to flag PvP to complete the objective.

“What?!? Flag myself on purpose?!? You know as soon as I do I’m going to get one shot by some asshat who forgot they were on a PvE server.”


[Thuenderman has died]


Anyway, I eventually did try Arena out and it really is a lot of fun. In my Arena set I have about 9500 HP, 12k mana, and my job is to tank. I’m not kidding. More precisely my role is to distract and deny the other team while staying alive while my hunter burns them down. And I do mean burns. He is in mostly purple PvE gear too and left to his own devices can really bring the pain.

Now as I mentioned I also recently leveled a warlock to 70 and he has seen a lot more PvP then Thuenderman ever will. I even bought my 2v2 charter for him and am waiting for my girlfriend to grind out that last 30% and hit 70 so we can try our luck. Our name: “Murlock Mafia”. I hope to start some 5v5 with both characters soon as I hear the strategy is much more interesting and less “Paper Rock Scissors” than 2v2. Plus you get more points each week πŸ˜‰

~ by Thuenderman on February 8, 2008.

One Response to “Raiders getting caught PvPing”

  1. Thanks for the link. πŸ™‚ You bring up a good point I neglected to make in my articles: The why part of my entry into BGs..Mainly, it’s because I’m NOT raiding. Our guild is pretty small, and we can’t (yet) get regular 5-mans going. So it’s either PUG (not a good option at 9 or 10pm) or farm.

    Have yet to try Arenas, but I suspect that now Hell’s frozen over, it may not be that far away. And I still haven’t turned my Priest’s PvP flag on. That will be an interesting experiment…

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