If you blow up you are wrong

We had some extra time after finishing Kara this weekend and decided to venture over to ZA. Up to this point we have downed the bear and the eagle bosses, and once again we came to a grinding halt on the dragonhawk boss.

As a healer the hardest part of this fight is the enrage. He enrages after five minutes or at 35% and starts doing 50% more damage to the tank. After two separate nights of wiping on him for two hours straight we got to the enrage stage three times. Total…..

Why? Apparently there are people in our raid who find it a lot harder to avoid his bombs then the rest of the world. That’s it. That’s all. Sure the adds team wiped us a couple of times because of bad teleport timing but come on! I have yet to die to a bomb in four hours of trying!

If you can’t find an open spot for yourself, stand next to someone who never dies.

If you are using a wireless network connection for raiding you are wrong; it is your fault you are lagging.

If your graphics card sucks and you keep lagging out on the bomb phase (I was really surprised at how many people used this excuse, seriously!) turn your video settings down before the raid. This fight is no joke. There are a lot of adds and a lot of people using AoE abilities, including the boss’ bombs.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be unable to get to phase of the fight you need to work on because people aren’t paying attention. On the plus side, I had enough time to really get my mana efficiency down. The first time we got to the enrage the healers all went out of mana and could not heal through the bigger beating our tank was taking.

This time we went in with two holy pallys and my disc priest (instead of one pally, me, and a resto druid) . The pallys focused the tank and I healed the raid. The only real damage the raid is taking is from his fire breath and a flash heal is enough to bring them back up, except that it’s very inefficient compared to GHeal. So what I did was find a GHeal which healed for the same amount and threw it on my bar. What a huge difference! I really hadn’t ever down ranked spells before but this was a case where I had the time to spend on the longer cast so it was perfect. Hopefully we can get him down next time.

~ by Thuenderman on February 11, 2008.

One Response to “If you blow up you are wrong”

  1. sweet! i’m glad you got that worked out. I would agree about the wlan thing. yuck. ages ago you mentioned (now people… dont’ go searching for other blogs. i know the guys. jeeze. calm down.) a new type of connection that was still in the works. like 10x faster than Ethernet. what is it, when is it coming out- and when can I play? cause that would ROCK in arena.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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