Arena 2v2 strategies

So Vixie has hit 70 and we put in some time in 2v2 arena last night. The wait was aweful. We didn’t even get our 10 games in before the reset because we were having to wait so long in between games.

One thing I did notice in the few games we were able to do is that I have no clue what I’m doing. I know how to harass and burn down people in the BGs but arena is so much faster and there are so many more decisions to make. In order to help myself learn I am going to start keeping a growing log of the match-ups we come across on the sidebar in the Pages section and either how we beat them or a sound strategy to try the next time we see it.

Last night we lost a couple times to a Feral Druid / Affliction Lock combo which I totally think we could have beaten. The key points we needed to work on was harrassing the Druid better with fear, banishing the lock’s pet (who was seducing my lovely hunter), and my hunter popping Bestial Wrath to break fear and seduce. My lesson? If there is a healing class he is all mine.

It’s all about experience. The more times we have a plan come to mind right away the better we will fair.

~ by Thuenderman on February 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Arena 2v2 strategies”

  1. Yeah, I just got suckered into doing 2v2 with my guild leader (Arms Warrior). Should be interesting to see how a Demon-lock fares in arenas.

  2. Demon-locks do pretty well I hear. Extra survivability with soul link and an interupt with the Felguard’s intercept.

  3. /blush
    I’m a “lovely hunter.”
    /flattered sigh

    anyway- Chuck (my scorpid) was VERY unhappy with me about forgetting to BW.

  4. ❤ I LOVE MY AFF-LOCK! ❤

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