Cooldowns post coming and updates to 2v2

Kestral pointed me to a great post over at Dwarf Priest which runs through all the classes and their key abilities as they apply to PvP and some tips to counter them from a priest’s view. One of the things I’m struggling to make the most of in Arena is watching an opponent’s buffs/debuffs and knowing which cooldowns I have made them blow and which ones are still ready. I’m working on a post going though the classes one by one as DP did and lay out the cooldowns and how to recognize them so look for that.

In the meantime I’ve updated my 2v2 Lock/Hunter page with some more strategies for teams we came across this week and my overall strategy is slowly evolving into a coherent battle plan. We got our first wins this week and are so far 3-8, with our wins being against the warrior/warrior, priest/rouge, and shammy/warrior teams which I outlined. We went 0-3 against that mage/warrior team but in both the second and third games were able to kill the mage. The strategy I outlined is my plan if I see them again which corrects some of the mistakes we were making (not CoTing the mage, hunter DPS on the warrior).

~ by Thuenderman on February 14, 2008.

One Response to “Cooldowns post coming and updates to 2v2”

  1. Thanks for the link. Just one more thing to study before getting my 2v2 team going.

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