A little ranting and alt abuse

/rant on

I’ve been raiding with my priest Thuenderman since last fall and he has always been a healer. He has the best gear Kara/Tailoring/Badges can provide, he has all blue gems and some purple, all his enchants, and his +healing while raiding is about 1850 and that’s while specced Discipline. It would be closer to 2000 with a full holy build.

So for the last six months I’ve been healing everything from Shadow Labs and heroic Arc to Kara and ZA. My guild has been doing Kara for over half of that time and still is not quite ready to even make the jump to two Kara teams, let alone 25 mans. I really want to see some of the 25 man content before the expansion comes out but not so much that I would rashly consider leaving my guild just for that.

So I finally leveled my warlock to 70 and he’s been a blast to play. He makes a great distraction from always having to heal. I’ve started Arena with him, battlegrounds, farming is cake…. and I even have him keyed for Kara now too.

So here’s my frustration: everyone seems to think that that there’s only one thing you can do in this game. You’re either a hard core raider, pvper, or else you’re too casual to be of note. And if you’re a raider you are a healer, a tank, or a DPS. I feel sometimes like alting is a guilty pleasure that I have to keep a secret. The other officers in my guild all have tons of 70 alts but they consider the achievement over once they hit the level cap.

It’s especially bad as a healer. I am Thuender therefore I am a healer and how dare I say I’d rather do that heroic on my warlock because my priest has no need of badges and has done that instance a hundred times. (Of course I offered to go anyway if no other healer wanted to go; I wouldn’t want them not to get the badges they did need.)

“But my damage is plenty high for a heroic.”

“Not a chance Thuender. I’d rather take someone that we could benefit from having the badges.”

Now I understand that idea. The overall goal of a guild should be to progress their members together so that they can collectively achieve more than they could alone. If you have 10 undergeared people trying to do Kara and the healing priest doesn’t want to work on his priest but always plays his warlock you are not going to progress.

However, this is not our situation. I am not undergeared. In fact I am substantially overgeared for the content we are doing. We are not progressing because we don’t have enough people to do the next phase of the raiding scene.

Basically for the last four months I have been told to “Go wait over there while we get enough people for 25 mans, but you better be ready to heal anything we ask you to, you better be farming for raid mats, and like hell are we going to support an alt of yours in any way.” And what’s worse is that my growing indifference to playing my priest through the same content over and over again somehow means that I am tired of healing and want to be a DPS.

No, I’d love to heal something new. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into my priest and the feeling of bringing a character to the table that is awesome at what he does and better geared than most is fantastic. I can’t wait for the new content coming in 2.4. You bet I’d love to heal Magister Terrance. You bet I’ll heal SSC. You bet I’ll level the priest to 80 as fast as I can and heal all the new instances.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to DPS with my warlock. Sure he will be focusing on PvP for the most part because that’s new too to me, but I’ve never DPS’ed Kara and that would be awesome. I also want to level my mage to 70 and level a tank too because that also would be new (though I’ll probably just wait for the Deathknight).

I’ve met and read about quite a few people who couldn’t imagine playing another character than their main or do anything else but heal or tank, but that’s not me. There are so many aspects to this game that I want to experience them all.

While I’m on the topic of abuse to alts, why is it most guilds I know either heavily discourage or flat out disallow you to have alts in other guilds and none of them allow raiding either with another guild or to have an alt that raids in a guild besides theirs? I understand that if you are raiding with another guild on your alt you are spending time elsewhere which could be spent helping your guild but that just seems damn selfish to me.

I didn’t start playing WoW to be in my current guild and be an asset to them.

I don’t pay my $15 a month to be their personal healbot so they can progress.

I am in the guild and raid heal because that adds to the enjoyment I get out of this game and THAT is the reason I play. If you won’t let my warlock raid too then why shouldn’t I be able to put him in a guild who will if that makes me enjoy the game more? I shouldn’t have to make that big of a sacrifice just to be able to raid on one character.

I fully intend on having a character of every class and I want them all to be mains. Sure I will play some more than others and their is no way I could maintain a raiding schedule for all of them. But I want to go on a raid with every class. I want to experience that aspect of the game from every angle. I want to PvP with every class. If nothing else it will give me a better idea of how to beat them.

It drives me crazy when other people try to impose artificial limitations on my free time.

/rant off

~ by Thuenderman on February 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “A little ranting and alt abuse”

  1. Fight the power!
    In all seriousness though, my first 70 was a warrior and I ended up not only leaving my guild over having to tank 24/7 but I left that account. I play a shadow priest now and love every second of it. Do what you like, it’s your time and life too. If there isn’t room for both your priest and your warlock, it sounds like there isn’t really room for you in the guild…

  2. Vix and I feel much the same- we take it even further though- if where your main is at, and where is guild is at don’t match- why is it bad to raid/5man/PVP with other guilds to catch up? why is it necessary to “be paient” and wait for your guild to help you. It’s not like in the real world your soccer team won’t let you practice with other teams- obviously in a directly competitive sport you shouldn’t play for the opposition, but this isn’t like that. we can group with whoever we want and not be a detriment to our guild- and yet somehow, it’s not okay to play with other guilds. Pug’s are kinda okay, but cooperating with other guilds is somehow flat out wrong.

    don’t even get me started on Alts. the only reason Vix wasn’t gkicked for moving her alt to a guild with some RL friends is cause she said she wanted to RP on that toon and they “understood that they weren’t the right group for that.” well what if you’re the wrong bloody group for where I’m at in the progression!? huh?!

    ok… this is turning into a rant. come check out mysite- I’ll finish it there.

  3. My last guild was the exact opposite, but I felt I was in the same shoebox. We never grouped with each other, we never did any kind of pre-mades together. It was always, “Go about your marry way, but maintain the tag under your character name. Now we’ve merged with a raiding guild that is close to moving to 25-man content and is constantly grouped for heroics or even regular 5-man instances. The difference is night and day and logging onto my main doesn’t bring that feeling of “Oh crap, do I want to PUG yet another instance/group quest?” Go where you need to feel happy. Otherwise, you’re wasting your $15 per month by slowly driving yourself crazy.

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