How do you gear an alt?

I’m finding that planning out my goals and strategies for gearing my warlock are so different than they were for my priest. As I didn’t read many blogs back in the days when my priest hit the level cap, the only general wisdom I had was that I should have tailoring for the Primal Mooncloth set. I am still wearing that set so I guess I got that right.

After that I had it easy. I was one of very few healers in my fledgling guild at the time so I got to run everything under the sun. Over and over again. By the time I started to seriously research my gear, I had almost everything on the good lists I found (if you are looking for a good healing priest gear/gem/enchant list for pre-Kara Matticus’s is the best I’ve found). If you run all the dungeons a bunch of times and then run Kara every week for 4 months you pretty much get everything you could possibly need. Add badge gear from all those Kara runs and I never worry about being undergeared. I even switched to Discipline after a while since I had the gear to support it.

But what about alts? My warlock is never going to see the number of dungeons my priest got to go through. On top of that, I hate walkthroughs. If I begged the right people long enough I could probably get any run I wanted eventually (I do have my Kara key already after all), but most of the people in my guild are quite a bit beyond me in gear progression and it just wouldn’t be fun. I like the feeling of accomplishing something and contributing. Besides, I have to learn to play my class better anyways and the best way to do that is to be challenged.

So most of my gear is going to have to be gotten on my own. That means PvP and Tailoring.

I fought long and hard against the common wisdom that again, tailoring is the easiest way to get the best gear before T5. But I finally gave in, dropped mining from the priest to level herbs (took me only 2 days) and dropped herbs on the lock (needed herbs for his Alchemy, I already have the most profitable transmute, Mana to Fire) to level up Tailoring. As of last night I am up to 350 and should have the shoulders in a couple days.

My original plan for this character was to be a farmer and a PvPer, while maintaining the ability to fill a raid slot now and then. I’ve been hitting the battlegrounds pretty regularly and just got my first Arena points this week but I don’t really have the patience to BG all day long. I get antsy after about 5 games and need to do something else.

So I’ll have my Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders in a couple days and I’ll also be able to get the good PvP trinket soon too. You know, the one with only a 2 minute cooldown and extra resilience. I also have enough Marks for the Season 1 legs, I just need the honor. I can’t wait for the honor changes in the next patch. I always seem to have an abundance of marks and not nearly enough honor.

~ by Thuenderman on February 21, 2008.

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