Should raid attunements be removed?

With the upcoming 2.4 patch Blizzard will be removing the last raid attunement process left in the Burning Crusade content (besides Kara): Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. Lots has been written about it and it seems like the general consensus at least among bloggers is that the eventual removal of attunements is good for the game as it allows more people with varying play habits to see more of the end game content before it is made irrelevant by the next expansion.

Galadria posted a discussion about how instances in TBC started out with attunments and bosses tuned to be very difficult, followed by a nerf to the boss fights, and finally a removal of the attunement all together. She points out that the original state of the raids provides plenty of challenges for the hardcore guilds who are the first to have a crack at them and who otherwise would go through the content quicker. Then the bosses are nerfed to allow the medium intensity guilds a decent chance at completing them. This is how the encounters stay for most of their relevancy. Finally the attunements are completely removed to give the rest of the population one last chance to see the endgame before the expansion make it trivial.

I think she is right on with this. Blizzard makes money by making their game a time sink so making it as hard as possible for the people who move through the content the quickest makes perfect sense. At the same time if the more casual crowd gets stuck on a boss because it is so finely tuned they are likely to quit, nerf it. Finally you have people who either progressed too slowly to get into a guild doing the attunement process, came to the game late, or even who rolled an alt for raiding who can’t get the attunements but want to see the content. So remove them. It’s a win-win-win-win.

The only drawback is some of the raiding elite tend to complain that it was made too easy for guilds to progress through content which they had to really struggle through and all they have to show for it is bragging rights. Well I have an idea which could lessen that frustration and (I think) is perfectly plausible given what Blizzard has learned from TBC:

Make the boss nerfings and attunement removals scheduled world events which we have to unlock, kinda like the Sunwell world event is going to be in 2.4. That way the gradual nerfing of the raiding process is a tangible achievement which the hardcore raiders can strive for in addition to their bragging rights. It could add to the sense of time passing and the plot progressing too. The sense that this is a world and not just a game that keeps getting tweeked and hotfixed.

Enough people beat up that boss, well he is getting weaker (and maybe stronger again after acquiring a new source of power later requiring the top guilds to swoop back in to further the plot). Busted open that gate enough times? Well now it won’t shut again. Things like the vials from Kael and Vash could be made into legendary items which only need to be used once for the whole server, or a couple of times depending on the next expansion timing and progression of other guilds. I’ll leave it to Blizzard to balance the timings and such, they tend to be pretty good at that, but wouldn’t that be fun?!!

~ by Thuenderman on February 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Should raid attunements be removed?”

  1. That would kick ass. I’m in.

  2. Thanks for the link! Looks like you’ve got a good thing going here. Added you to my reader!

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