Jan’Alai dirt naps and it tastes sweet, 3/6 ZA

DF kills Jan’Alai
Our weekend adventure into ZA finally achieved what we’ve been trying to do for over a month: Dysfunctional Family downed Jan’Alai, the dragonhawk avatar. We are only the third guild horde side to do this on Velen according to the offical realm forums. The fact that we have multiple guilds raiding SSC and that three other guilds skipped Jan’Alai in favor of the debatably easier Lynx Lord makes this accomplishment taste very sweet indeed. We had some minor drama during the run that might have lasting effects that I may write about later but today I wanted to go over the strategy we used and our process for refining the standard strategy for our guild first kill.

Jan’Alai has two major abilities: his flame breath and his bomb mini-game.

The flame breath is a cone AoE which does around 4k damage to all raid members in its cone which he casts ever 10-20 seconds or so.

For the bomb mini-game, ever minute or so he teleports all raid members to him and begins spreading bombs randomly about his terrace. I’m not sure on the exact damage but it is high enough to consistently one-shot anyone not wearing plate.

In addition, he periodically summons two hatchers to come and release dragonhawks from a fixed number of eggs on the platforms adjacent to his terrace. He will release all the eggs at 35% if they aren’t already and will enrage at five minutes, doing 50% more damage.

The common strategy is to position raid members around the boss in a circle away from each other to minimize damage from the flame breath. Every time the hatchers are summoned they are allowed to hatch a few eggs each time and then killed; the idea being to have them slowly killed off so they are all gone by the time the boss is at 35%. A few raiders have to peel off to kill them. Palidan tanks work wonders here. I am an advocate of believing that any one class is not 100% necessary for any one fight, but doing this fight without a pally tank would be like doing Illhoof without a warlock: possible but much more difficult that it can be. After that just find a safe spot whenever the bombs are up.

This is very much a skill fight. Every raider has to be on the ball 100% of the time. Our biggest obstacle was getting everyone to not die to the bombs, whether it was because of lack of attention or connection/lag problems.

The next issue was how to balance the dragonhawk spawns with the flow of the fight. At first we were not releasing them fast enough. We were getting them all down before 35% just fine but we would hit the 5 minute mark right about that time and the healers would run out of mana under the increased damage load.

Now three healers all weighing in at around 1800 +healing running out of mana means one thing: not enough DPS on the boss. At first we took some steps to increase our mana efficiency but the real trick was the DPS. As far as mana goes, we started having DPS bandage after finding a safe spot while waiting for the bombs to explode and after taking any damage after the enrage. The enrage takes all three healers to be covering the tank and topping off a DPS is just not possible.

Also for the healing priests out there: flash heal is the perfect amount of heal to cover flame breath damage if you are assigned to the raid, but don’t use it!! I found that an equivalent downranked GHeal worked perfectly here. The MT healer should not need more than an occasional Renew/PoM to keep the tank up, so there is plenty of time to cast the longer spell. My mana efficiency improved drastically with this change.

Now for the big finale. How to improve the DPS on the boss. You’ve probably guessed it by now: kill the birds faster and get those DPSers back on the boss ASAP. Here’s were you need that pally tank. Our MT for raiding happens to be a pally. And a damn good one too. He’s also our GM. It worked out great for us because this boss lends itself to a warrior boss tank and a pally adds tank.

I’m not sure many pally tanks could do this, but ours is outstanding and this is how we solved it: We killed one of the hatchers immediately and let the other spawn every dragonhawk on the one side all at once. Now the reason it isn’t recommended that it be done like this is one dragonhawk does not spawn from one egg. Every new egg that hatches spawns twice as many dragonhawks as the one before it. So hatching them all at once is a lot of adds!! But it worked. With a hunter frost trap to slow them down, a pally tank to AoE gather them, and a frost mage to help AoE burn them down we killed off each side all at once and had those heavy hitters back on the boss in record time.

He enraged at about 19% and I finished the fight off with 40% mana.

~ by Thuenderman on February 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jan’Alai dirt naps and it tastes sweet, 3/6 ZA”

  1. Suck up. He’s good, but he knows it. why stroke the ego?

    Good post. very informative. We look forward to that fight. I have a feeling that Drums of Restoration and Drums of Battle would be appropriate and very useful in that fight.

  2. So you had all the eggs gone and him at 19% at five minutes? Quite impressive. We unfortunately do not have a pally tank available to us, but we just got Jan’Alai down on Wednesday. We used an unorthodox strategy and got him down 5-10 seconds after his second enrage. The first enrage we had no problems with. But at 10 minutes, he one shots everyone. I just happened to use invisibility at the right time to be one of the last 3 standing.

    Later today, I’ll try and post our strategy on my site.

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