What would you add to WotLK expansion?

Shared Topic: What would you add to WotLK expansion?

With the next expansion looming a lot of buzz is going around about what Blizzard might add to WoW. I’m compiling a list of ideas I’ve had for the classes I play or would like to play. I intend to add things to this thread as I think of them, but here’s my list so far:


High level Discipline or Holy talent:

Disciple’s Embrace: Instant cast. Buffs the friendly target and causes all members of their party to gain heath equal to x% of the amount you heal them. Lasts x seconds.

High level Holy talent:

Holyform: Heals increased by x% when in form. Can’t move, reduced damage taken by x%. Requires improved death.


A class questline for a trinket which when used (or equipped) would morph you into a demon hybrid with wings which would allow you to fly without a mount. Requires epic riding skill.

Upgrades to the current minions as a high level talent.

Summon Portal: Instant cast. Summons a portal and its exit which allows you to instantly traverse the x yards in front of you. Lasts x seconds. Cooldown: x seconds.


Make the Deathknight a new tanking niche: the magical damage tank. Not too great at absorbing melee damage but excellent at mitigating magic, possibly even redirecting it.

~ by Thuenderman on February 28, 2008.

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