Pre Kara Warlock and Priest Gear Guides

Nibuca over at Mystic Chicanery just hit a major milestone in the blogging world with 50k visits (grats btw) and in a recent post reflects on some of the most common search phrases which lead people to her site. Looking through her list I realized that I really needed to do this post as I’ve been noticing the vast majority of users are searching for gear lists and arena strategies when they end up at my blog. In the spirit of helping any of you who wind up here for just that reason I hope you can find as much use our of these links as I have:

Affliction Warlock Pre-Kara Gear
Warlock Spell Hit Gear
Healing Priest Pre-Kara Gear
Pre T5 Priest Gear for 2.4
Best Healing Gear 2.4
Best Casual PvE Healing Gear
Priest PvP Tips vs. Other Classes

Megan from Out of Mana on PvP:

She has lots of other good stuff in there too, especially for locks so check her out.

More lists for Kara and beyond as well as class knowledge links:

Class Gear Guides
Know your Class

~ by Thuenderman on March 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Pre Kara Warlock and Priest Gear Guides”

  1. hehe .<

  2. err looks like my last post got partially eaten, my bad for using odd emotes… i’ll just leave it as thanks for the link 🙂

  3. No problem. I get a lot of search hits for spell hit gear and your list is great.

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