The only prescription is more cowbell

I finally have the fever. It was a long time in coming and the major contributor to my resolve to put it off was my now 70 warlock. Well, he is 70 now, maxed Alchemy, almost maxed Tailoring with one piece of the Frozen Shadoweave set already, flying mount, Insignia of the Horde, and…. Lets just say he’s coming along nicely.

I’ve begun to so see signs that I’ve been neglecting my main. I ran a heroic SL and missed out on part of the Champion of the Naaru questline because I never started it. I’m in great need of Primal Waters for the lock’s Frozen Shadoweave set and I keep getting told the best way to get motes of water is with fishing. Well guess whose fishing wasn’t high enough. It also occurred to me as I mini-dinged honored with Aldor on the lock and went rummaging through the rep rewards that my Priest doesn’t have the upgraded Scryer shoulder inscription or the upgraded leg spellthread from an Aldor tailor (the priest is Scryer).

But ultimately the straw that has me on my Priest a lot more lately is the fact that I keep seeing guildies getting their Epic Flying mount. It used to be the only people with an epic flier were the GM and the RL. Both officers and both with exalted just about everything so it really didn’t bother me too much that they had the precious and I didn’t. I had more of a desire for a DPS character for farming and a change of pace (after all those two officers had at least 3 70’s already too) than I did for a faster flier as mine did everything I needed.

Well now I’m an officer and many of the new guildies have gradually caught up to my gear level with us being stranded on the plateau of a farmed Kara and early ZA (at least until we get a few more people, we are close to beginning 25 mans and I’m very excited) and now I’m seeing a few of them with a huge status symbol which I lack.

Well no more.

I started the Champion questline and am really noticing the difference in my gear since I was questing as well as my improved damage with the change to spelldamage from +healing. I’m even seeing myself surviving situations where even my lock would have a hard time. Discipline spec survivability FTW!!

My fishing is now 340 and with the right lure I can fish atop the Elemental Plateau in the pure water pools all day long. Grinding my fishing up I also go the new fishing training book to drop and can now track fishing holes on the minimap. It was perfect timing because the pure water holes can be difficult to spot without it.

Just as a tip to those needing Primal Waters who are still grinding water elementals in Skettis: stop; grind up your fishing, and get to Nagrand. Seriously. I was just passing through for something else and I stopped in to fish there for a few minutes. In 10 minutes I had 3 primal waters. No joke. Go fish!!

As far as the Scryer and Aldor rep goes, I’ll be grinding those out as my next project. But first:

The grind to 5000g for Thuenderman’s epic flier. It is time. I have no other goal which upstages it. Dailies are no longer optional, for either character (Maleficarum got attuned for Ogri’la with Vixie over the weekend). Now that Thuender is the herb gatherer it’s at least 2 stacks of herbs to the AH each day. Maleficarum will be transmuting every day with his new transmute spec to get those extra procs for the AH (got lucky the last 2 days actually 😉 )

And most importantly: Other professions are on hold. This one hurts as I just spent so much getting Mal his Tailoring and I already have the Shadowcloth for the next piece of the FSW set (Boots) . But it will wait, as will the mage’s enchanting.

I’ve made 1500g already this week and my hopes are strong!! I’ll try to update once a week until the precious is mine. Then it will be on to the Netherwing grind as I should have the rep for the Nether Ray by the time I have the money to upgrade my riding skill.

~ by Thuenderman on March 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “The only prescription is more cowbell”

  1. you know what our precious is… I want my gun. and my scope. too bad it’s almost as expensive. Good goals though. Love the pic- keep your eye on the prize!, er- precious.

  2. Best of luck with the epic mount fund. It’s a real pain to go through but for me it’s been very well worth it. Not only for the fast mount, but for the chance to grind through Netherwing rep and get a dragon mount. The gold made from this grinding rep was enough to finish getting me exalted with Scryers as well. So it was literally a win win situation. This was in my first six weeks after hitting 70.

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