Raiding Expansions

I haven’t posted in a while but a lot has been going on especially in WoW for me. Our recruiting efforts have finally paid off and my fellow officers and I have spent much of the last week restructuring our raiding schedule to enable us to form a second Karazhan team. This has a huge significance for us. It means:

More people in the raids each week

One trouble with a stead flow of recruiting is that you have a steadily growing number of people who must sit out of the currently scheduled raids. Adding another team gets 10 more people minimum into the raiding rotation and potentially more since there are more options for swapping. This is huge for morale.

Faster gear progression for the guild as a whole

New people means more players who potentially need gear from Kara. With 2 teams we are now getting twice as many gear drops and twice as many badges from Kara every week. The nice thing about badges is that with enough time you can gear a character well into T5 level gear (into T6 after 2.4) just by running heroics and Kara. Twice as many badges each week means we will have more people with a high level of gear when we begin 25 mans and we will not need to spend as much time worrying about gear and more time learning new fights.

The ability to raid with alts

I posted in the past about my frustration about not getting to play my warlock in as much PvE content as I’d like because it would fill a slot that a main could use to help the guild. Now that we have a second team we chose to stagger the days specifically so alts could fill slots when needed. In fact, my warlock is signed on as a reserve DPS and I may get to bring him to Kara for the first time on Wednesday and I’m very excited about it.

It may also benefit my readers as I’m now going to have to start researching warlock raiding specs, gear choices, DPS boss strategies, assisting techniques and macros among other things that will make their way here to the blog. I’ve been raiding a while now but, as I’ve begun to notice in five mans, boss fights are much different from a DPS perspective (but not always harder of course). I am noticing that there are a lot of details about dungeons and boss fights I completely ignored because I was only concerned with keeping people alive.

A case in point: I continued to DPS the first boss in Heroic Mech when he turned red. Why wouldn’t I? No one called for a DPS halt. The fact that he causes the tank to miss over 50% of their hits and therefore can’t keep up threat was something I never even thought about while healing. Note to self: whenever something happens to cause the rate that the tank produces threat to decrease significantly stop or dial back DPS.

A more attractive option for recruiting

Velen has few raiding guild which have withstood the test of time. The two in 25 mans are the “Great Guild” which always existed, was always number 1, and which got the pick of all the very best players. The other is the largest guild on the server which grew from a leveling guild who invited everyone and anyone into a guild that started to raid because enough of their members were of the proper level. Eventually most of the poorly managed raiding guilds were absorbed into the giant one (the great guild doesn’t recruit much anymore) because they were the only ones with a decent structure who could offer raiding.

Enter Dysfunctional Family. Very soon we will be entering the 25 man scene and all those players who didn’t have an option if they wanted to 25 man raid will have one.

And most importantly: the beginning of the transition into 25 man content.

Granted we are a little later to the 25 man game then most raiding guilds, but Velen was a TBC created realm and we really only have two guilds who are working through the 25 mans and Archimonde and Illidan have yet to be killed (Vash and Kael only recently fell to our top guild). I am very excited to see this content and hope we can put a lot of it behind us before the expansion arrives.

Speaking of our progress on our realm, Dysfunctional Family added another feather to our hat this weekend. We downed Halazzi, the Lynx avatar in Zul’Aman. There are a number of guilds who have done this on Velen but we are only the third guild Horde-side to defeat all four avatars and the only one on either side of the faction line to go 4/6 ZA without having completed any 25 man content at all. I am very proud of that fact. Most guilds do the first 2 bosses and come back for the rest once they are geared in T5. I’ll be posting soon about that encounter. All I can say now is: Discipline Priests FTW!!

And the last update before I go: my precious the new flying mount is not far away. I just crested 4000g over the weekend so 1200g more and I’ll be cruising at high speed at last. I also got two more exalted factions while grinding dailies: Shatari Skyguard and Ogri’la. Neither has any good patterns for a priest or tailor but I’ll be able to pick up a Nether Ray immediately upon getting my next riding skill (not that I’ll ride it, what a crappy model for a flying mount!!!).

Of course with the lock on the list for raiding now I’ll have to spend a little on his gear, gems, and enchants. I’ll be able to grab the last piece of the Frozen Shadow Weave set (the robe) with a few AH runs for netherweave cloth and my guild usually gives free enchants for raiding purposes. I should be able to get his shadow damage up to around 800 before Wednesday. We shall see.

~ by Thuenderman on March 24, 2008.

One Response to “Raiding Expansions”

  1. Many might soon be leaving the Walmart guild if they continue their absurd “Blizzard doesn’t make you do it this way any more but we still will” raiding requirements. There has been some distress and frustration from those that would prefer to skip the hard stuff and come back with better gear. Though, from what I hear DF would likely have the same requirements because they are pretty old school.

    Good job with lynx!! Not many have seen him fall, that’s quite the accomplishment. Disc priests for the win but what will you do when you start needing more +healing for the even harder fights at the end of ZA? If you switch back to holy you’ll have to re-learn all the other fights!

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