Halazzi as a Healing Discipline Priest

As I mentioned my guild is now 4/6 in Zul’Aman as of this last weekend and I wanted to talk about the healing on our latest guild first: Halazzi the Lynx avatar.

This fight has two recurring phases like the Nightbane fight. He’ll start out in combined form. In this form he doesn’t have a whole lot of hit points but he hits like a freight train! After taking a set amount of damage (I think it’s 25%) he will split into troll and spirit lynx forms until either one is down to 20%. Then he’ll recombine, resetting his health to where it was just before the split and the cycle will continue until he falls.

Overall Strategy:

In combined form he will pound away on the main tank and will do a cleave which splits 18k damage between everyone it hits as often as once every five seconds. Wow is right. Pray your healers are up to it because this phase is all them. Excellent coordination between the healers is critical (I’ll go over it in detail in a second).

Another issue we had to iron out was tank positioning. Our usual MT is a BElf Prot Pally and our new OT is a Tauren Warrior. We found that it didn’t matter as much which tank was MT and which was OT for this fight as they both were mitigating the damage about the same and threat wasn’t an issue. However, if the two tanks aren’t positioned exactly correct that 18k will munch the MT only and it’s a guaranteed wipe. The issue we had was that the Tauren’s hit box was allowing the warrior to stand further away than the Belf and if the pally was the MT the cleave would miss him and kill the pally. What we ended up doing was letting the warrior MT, position Halazzi, and have the pally inch up until he could hit him. It seemed to work.

If you can survive the combined phase, the split phase isn’t too bad. This part is all about the DPS and the initial agro of the lynx as it separates. Here again it worked well to have a pally for the OT. As soon as they separate, the lynx will dash straight for a healer and using Avenger’s Shield helped to close the gap if the lynx got a step on him. A target macro is nice here too.

During the split phase the troll will throw down various totems which need to be killed immediately and there is a magic debuff which needs to be dispelled also. Otherwise the DPS just need to burn down the lynx in between totems. Once the lynx is down to 20% they will combine again. Rinse and repeat. The only variance is that during the last combined phase he will throw down the totems as well for extra pressure.

Healing Strategy: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, Discipline Priest

I said before that coordination between the healers is paramount. If you don’t know what your fellow healers are doing or don’t trust them to get their heals off you won’t finish this fight. If you switch targets when you should be covering your own target Halazzi will punish you by cleaving again when you’re not ready and your tanks will be toast.

18k between two tanks means you have to heal 9k damage every five seconds not including the boss’ white damage. the cleaves do get dodged or resisted ever once an a while but resist the urge to switch targets when it happens and trust your partners. If the tank drops below 9k health after a cleave you have five seconds to get him over or you’re through. This is far from impossible but you have to be flawless and have a plan for sharing the healing load down the middle. By the time you get this far in ZA your gear should be more than enough to handle the healing volume.

Our healing assignments were pally on the MT, me (disc priest) on the OT, and the druid covering both with HoTs. The pally spammed Flash of Light (go figure) and I spammed Greater Heal. I experimented with interrupt-casting and my opinion is that it isn’t worth it here. It’s too important to get those heals off as quickly as possible to loose a second here and there for mana efficiency. If my heal topped off the tank after a cleave I would throw a PoM and renew up on my target as well for an extra buffer.

It turned out that the time between split phases with our DPS rate was right around two minutes and this is why it’s great to be a Disc Priest. At the beginning of each combine phase I would cast Pain Suppression on my target. That eight seconds catches two cleaves and provided me with a wonderful buffer to transition into and its cooldown was up again right when I needed it.

During the split phase the two bosses don’t do much damage apart from the totems and the debuff so this is where I would catch up on my mana after GHeal spamming. I would keep a renew and PoM on my target and actively dispell but use the rest of the time to regen mana.

That’s really it. Get your timing and coordination down for the combined phase and the rest falls into place. We got a couple pulls in on the hex-lord but it wasn’t pretty. It’s a Moroes-like adds fight but on steroids. We got him to about 65% on the second try. We weren’t really having a problem with the adds but the hex-lord uses your own abilities against you and it really hurts.

~ by Thuenderman on March 26, 2008.

One Response to “Halazzi as a Healing Discipline Priest”

  1. Having killed Halazzi a couple times now, I can say that this is good healing advice. There HAS to be trust between your healers to be successful here. This is one fight where sticking with your assignments as top priority is key.

    Also, instead of swapping DPS to the Lynx when he spawns, if you continue to kill Halazzi and just have the Lynx off tanked, you’ll find he transitions back faster, which means less totems. The dps don’t ever have to switch targets, the DoTs are already on Halazzi and you won’t have to reapply on the Lynx. Plus it allows the melee classes to stay on the same target and not have to run around. This is especially useful for fast switching to totems. The Lynx deals negligible damage anyways and killing the totems and dispelling are the main points of this fight, so the less you have to deal with that (by making the trasition faster), the better.

    I love reading about the Discipline point of view on these fights. I would love to play around with it, but I’m too much of a min/max player. I have healed Kara, Gruul, and 10 man MC Disc spec when I was heavy into Arenas, but that’s the extent. I loved playing with my new tools! 🙂

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