First Impressions

With the content patch 2.4 arriving on Tuesday and our guild forming two Karazhan teams from our growing numbers there has been a lot of new experiences to be had and I’ve been loving it.

I could not be more pleased with our progress in Kara this week.  Two teams, two days, and a total of 17 Kara bosses downed.  That’s a lot of loot and a lot of badges.  Twice as many as we usually get.  I’m so stoked.  I predict that by the time we have enough people for a reliable 25 raid we will not be hurting in the gear department, especially with the new badge loot which 2.4 brought.

The team my priest is on ran Thursday and went 9/11 bosses in 4.5 hours.  We skipped Illhoof as we had neither a warlock or a prot pally with us and didn’t have the time to finish off Netherspite.  Nightbane went down on the second try (a resisted taunt caused him to run straight to me) and Prince went down on the third try on account of really bad infernal drops; the rest were one-shots.  I died a lot.  I usually die quite a bit but it was bad this week.

I think part of it has to do with the fact that our A team healers got split up.  The other two went to the Wednesday team and I went to the Thursday team with some of our newer members.  I could feel the extra pressure from having lesser geared healers with me and I think a lot of my deaths were me grabbing healing aggro at times where my extra heals were needed.  I mean to look at our WoWwebstats report tonight to see what I can see and if I find anything insightful I will be sure to relate it back here.

My warlock is on the reserved list but wasn’t needed this week.  I died inside a little each time a cloth DPS item dropped during my run.  I think 6 items dropped which my warlock could have used and at least 4 were sharded since we had no shadow priest or warlock and our mage is as well geared as my priest.  I know I shouldn’t mind so much on gear drops for my alt but we’ve been doing Kara for months and I hardly ever get an upgrade anymore.  I did, however, get the Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted to drop from Prince finally.  The only slots where I don’t have a top 3 item from my 2.4 pre-T5 gear list is legs and the second ring now, so I’ll probably pick up the Adorned Supernal Legwraps and the Anveena’s Touch from the badge vendor on the IoQD when we get to him as I think I already have over 160 badges saved up.

Oh! The perfect segway into 2.4 impressions!  Really, I don’t have many yet.  I haven’t been able to get into MrT as yet because of our raiding schedule but I have done some of the daily quests out there.  In fact, when we finished Kara last night a guildy informed us that our server was at 99% of the way to unlocking the next stage of the assault so we all rushed out there to see the world event.

What… a… downer…

Where we expected to see waves of Scryer and Aldor forces rush up from the beaches and assault the sanctuary all we got was a world event message and all the new quest givers appear in the new area.  Blah…

However the new quests are fun and profitable.  With the daily quest limit raised and so many more added I’m sure I’ll have my epic flier before long.   The changes to mana regen were certainly not unwelcome either.  Where I hear hunters are having the opposite effect, while raid buffed I noticed my mp5 while casting was over 360!!  Out of combat was like 706!!  Love your intellect and spirit priests!

~ by Thuenderman on March 28, 2008.

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