Early thoughts on the Hex-Lord

We had a great run through ZA this weekend. With our guild splitting into two Kara groups we can’t really clean up the last two or three bosses on the weekend like we used to unless everyone from both groups shows and that doesn’t usually happen. People tend to show up reliably on days they are scheduled to raid but appear only casually on the other days. That did, however, work in our favor for ZA progression as the ten people from the A team are always on on Saturday.

We cleared to the Hex-Lord in about two hours and got almost three hours of solid work on him. In fact, we got him to 17% on our best try. Being a TBC realm we will be the fourth guild on the server to down him, third Horde side so we are very excited about the prospect of moving up on the progression charts.

Some thoughts on the boss (keep in mind we haven’t quite downed him yet, so our strategies may change and any advise you readers may have I would appreciate):

Undead add: This guy is nasty when he’s loose but having the practice of chain shackling from Moroes it isn’t much of an issue. However, be mindful of the timings of his bolt volley as it is very difficult to re-shackle while being beat on, especially when people are needing heals badly too.

Shield yourself just before the volley to allow yourself some time to cast a spell uninterrupted. Also, PoM is absolutely brilliant for the volley as it bounces around healing after each hit. I was trying to spam PoH during the volley, but with the interrupt and the fact that it only heals your group PoM seems to easily out-shine it. I found if I shielded, renewed, and PoM’ed myself I easily survived the volley and could get renews up on other clothies, making sure to count PoM jumps and recasting at five.

Don’t forget to buff the raid with Shadow Protection on this one. The volley does shadow damage and this makes it so much more manageable.

That’s all I can think of for now. Hopefully I’ll have more after this weekend when we get him down 😉

A quick update on the mount progress: 4850g!! I’ll have it before the week is done for sure. I’ve been doing a good chunk of the dailies on Thuender every day and on Mal when I have the time. I’ve had a lot of guildies offer to loan me the rest but as this is one of the big accomplishments of this expansion and the fact that this is my first epic flier I really want to get there on my own. I’ve got some good stuff on the AH and with some heavy daily grinding I might get it tonight or tomorrow so here’s hoping.

I’m trying to decide what will be my next goal. I could grind out for the nether drake as I am already exalted with the skyguard, but if I’m gonna be doing dailies I might as well be doing the SSO ones to unlock the new content. Thuender has 149 badges and will have enough for the legs and ring after this week’s raids so those aren’t really something I can work on (we are only about 60% to the armory on Velen).

My top ideas are: Netherdrake, Scryer exalted for Thuender or Aldor for Mal (for both the better shoulder enchants and the patterns for Golden and Runic Spellthread, though a guildie can provide me with the threads already) , focusing more on gearing up Mal with BGs, arena, and heroics, the Spellstrike set for Mal… probably a combination of all of it…

~ by Thuenderman on April 1, 2008.

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