What to do next?

I’m still pondering my dilema of what to work on next.  This is a bit of a rambling post so be warned.

With my priest pretty well maxed out in my current content (especially with the new badge rewards coming soon, I am now over my 160 mark to get the ring and legs and I have a Golden Spellthread enchant waiting for them which will be an upgrade to my Silver Spellthread I have now as well) I was thinking I was going to leave him to his regular raiding cycle for enhancement with occasional herbing binges with the new mount.  The only upgrades he can look forward to besides the Scryer exalted shoulder enchant are further badge rewards and T5 raid loot which will come in time and don’t require my every day focus.

My thought was that I would start focusing on the warlock again but it is becoming pretty apparent that I will not be able to raid with him much if at all and I’m realizing that PvE is where my primary interest is.  I enjoy my arena play with him very much but I can’t get myself to grind battlegrounds for more than an hour at a time.  I did get my Vindicator wrists for him and that plugged a huge weakness in my gear.

Vix and I went 7-3 this week in arena.  I may pick up a 3v3 soon and get my S3 staff (or whatever is the best upgrade, haven’t really researched it yet).  But if I’m not going to be raiding right away with him he may be better off to slowly accumulate his PvP gear as the mood strikes me and be ready for more aggressive play in S4 or just use that gear to raid later as lock PvP gear works better than most classes in PvE.

So that leaves me needing something else to actively pursue….  Bwahahaha….  another alt?  My mage is almost 54, but I can’t help but think that he will end up exactly in the same place as my lock.  The smart money is on getting as many characters and professions maxed out as possible before the expansion comes out as those are the accomplishments which will carry over the best into Wrath.

That reminds me that my mage has been stuck at 200 enchanting for a while now waiting on funding.  Funding which I have an abundance of right now with 2 70s, 25 dailies for each, and a new epic flying mount.  Hmmmm…….  that idea has promise…..

I have characters maxed in herbs, alchemy, and 2 in tailoring (mooncloth and shadoweave).  Thuender is nearly done with fishing and cooking (I figure I only need one maxed in these).  I really need to get a miner and a skinner, as well as a jewelcrafter.  I’ll do an engineer eventually too, but probably last.

So I finally bought a second account.  I’m having some issues getting it upgraded to TBC but should have that worked out tonight.  I think I am going to transfer over my 63 warrior from the PvP realm to the new account.  He’s a herber and alchemist too so those have got to go.  I’m thinking miner/jewels or miner/engineer.  I have a feeling a tank will see more raid time than a DPS (because everyone has one of those but not everyone has a tank or a healer) plus he’ll have the benefit of having a couple of 70s who can help him through some group quests.  I’ve wanted to 2 box for a while now.

Sorry for the rambling.  I hope to have some interesting insights on 2 boxing and warriors soon.  My guild downed the hex-lord last weekend while I was out of town so I don’t get to write about finishing him yet though I’ll be in on a kill soon.  5/6 ZA though is a great accomplishment for us and I hope to have healing guilds to the hex-lord and Zul’jin up here soon 😉


~ by Thuenderman on April 8, 2008.

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