2 Box Instancing

I mentioned that I bought a second account and transfered my warrior to it. I’ve been wanting to two box for a while and now I finally have the opportunity.

I recently hit 65 on the warrior and have done most of the Nagrand and Zangermarsh quests and needed to clean up my quest log and get the group quests done. I logged my priest and had him follow the warrior around, tossing up renews every once in a while and laying down some thick holy smackdowns on any elites after the warrior had enough aggro. It seriously took like a half hour to do them all in Zanger! Much fun!

My most recent dabbling in the two boxing art was a bit more exciting. I grabbed Vix, my priest and my warrior and headed into regular ramparts.  I know this instance is pretty low on the totem pole, but we went in with only three, the tank was 65, and the tank (I respecced him to full prot to get in some proper practice) and the healer were both being controlled by the same person.

Besides being a crap-load of fun we did really well.  My priest died once because I didn’t realize the DPS (ahem, hunter!!) hadn’t killed the second boss’ adds and I was busy examining the loot.  The tank died to the the last boss because I was having trouble juggling the positioning of both characters to avoid the fire breath, but after switching to the priest 100% and having Vix’s pet tank the last 25% the level capped toons made short work of that dragon.

I sharded all of the gear (the only plate had int and mp5 on it) but we had a great time.  Vix’s chain trapping helped a lot for some of the bigger pulls; some of them we even had her off-tank one with the arachnid.  She likes to flex her hunter muscles and she did really well and was rolling high with the DPS too.  I figured we’d have more trouble with the bosses but they really weren’t an issue.

I wonder how far we could get in the Outland 5 mans with this setup.  Obviously the warrior needs to get level capped and a few new gear pieces, but still.  Sounds like a fun challenge.  Up to it Vix? 😉

~ by Thuenderman on April 16, 2008.

One Response to “2 Box Instancing”

  1. I am NOT an arachnid! I have 6 legs, not 8. grrrr….. /storms off

    Vix here: T- you know I’m down for any challenge you can throw at me. and with us being our own tri-fecta, we don’t even need to be alone, all we need is more DPS! but ya, let’s try it. Coilfang stuff next! I want my Beast Lord set!

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