Gear Guides and Class Knowledge Links

One of the great things about WoW blogs is that they are the perfect outlet for we the players to share knowledge and resources with each other and our readers. Some bloggers are great at theorycrafting, others at provoking intelligent discussion. While I’ll not claim greatness at either I do have a knack for gathering knowledge and I’d like to pass on some of the best resources I’ve found for gear planning and class knowledge.

I will start out with classes, specs, and playstyles (solo, PvE raiding, PvP, etc) which I am familiar with but I hope to grow this resource into more of a comprehensive list as time goes on. In order for them not to be buried in the constant flow of posts as my very popular Priest and Warlock gear guides post had done, I will keep these growing lists in side pages with links in the Pages section on my sidebar. For those of you who use readers, the links to the pages are below. Feel free to comment with resources you have found or written and I’ll include them as well.

Class Gear Guides

Know your Class

~ by Thuenderman on April 18, 2008.

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