Healing Hex-Lord Malacrass

Following my guild’s first full clear of ZA this last weekend I have two new fights to talk about. First: The Hex-Lord.

I spoke a little about this fight before when we were first learning it, and really there isn’t much to it from a healing perspective. Malacrass is accompanied by four adds which change around. I don’t remember all of them, but the idea is that there can be a mob of any type which exists: beast, undead, elemental, humanoid, dragonkin, etc… Unlike the Moroes fight the CC assignments depend very much on your raid composition.  As a priest you may be shackling the undead, or he may die first because you have all the other forms of CC covered.  This week we went in with 2 priests so I was freed up for healing anyway.

This fight is about control. Control the adds, and react to whatever Malacrass throws at you. He will periodically choose a player in the raid and transform himself into that class. If he targets a pally he will now be able to consecrate. If he targets a priest, he will mind control. Warrior: Whirlwind. You get the idea.

Our basic strategy was to take out two adds then burn down the Hex-Lord (the other two adds despawn upon his death, unlike Moroes). The raid’s job is to be flawless on the CC and be situationally aware of what he is doing (if he is a healing class you better be interrupting his heals!!!). He also will do a shadowbolt volley on every member in the raid every minute or so which hits for about 9k on clothies so everyone needs to be bandaging as much as possible.

From a healer’s perspective, the incoming damage is pretty spread out but very high. The damage comes in droves but it isn’t very spikey. I found this fight to be mostly just an endurance challenge.

My tips for the priest healer:

  • Make sure you buff the raid with Shadow Protection before you start as it helps immensely with the shadowbolts.
  • Shield and PoM yourself just before the bolts begin. When they start, start spamming PoH. I was able to heal my entire group for all the damage of the bolts without any problem. Have your other healers on the other group. EDIT: Also, put a raid icon on yourself so your group knows where you are to get their AoE heals. If you have a pally in your raid, make sure they are in the same group as you with concentration aura up. I didn’t realize how much of a difference that aura makes until our healadin was accidentally put in the melee group one time. We wiped directly because I could keep the clothies alive through the bolts.
  • If you are shackling, be sure to refresh the shackle just before the shadowbolts. You need to be healing and if you have to try to get a shackle off while everyone is dying you are screwed. Not to mention he will probably come and eat your face before you get the cast off.

~ by Thuenderman on April 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Healing Hex-Lord Malacrass”

  1. Just dropped into your site. Nice blogs, but I’d like to add a correction to your Hex strategy.
    The adds for Hex Lord are static, but you get one of two in each position. Starting from the left, you always have a humanoid (sheep) – either a blood elf or ogre. Next, you get a beast, (sleep, but usually just kill) either snake or dragonkin. Third is a demon/elemental. Either a bog monster or imp (banish either one). Finally you get the undead. The ghost is bad due to the speed fear, or you’ll get the big zombie guy. Both can be shackled. Any way it pops, it’s always a sheep target, sleep target, banish, shackle. It never changes.

    Hope that helps.

  2. @Chad

    Thanks for stopping by! You are correct, I’ve noticed that since I wrote the article. The mob types are always the same but how you deal with them can change depending on which specific mobs you get. The snake/dragonkin can both be slept, but we always kill the dragon right away because he tends to break early and own people. Same with the ogre. He is highly resistant to all CC where the Belf isn’t. The other issue is your group makeup. We hardly ever have a druid in our raids for sleep anyway.

    Thanks for the correction!

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