Zul’jin as a healing priest

The Zul’jin fight definitely has more to it than the other bosses of ZA with 5 phases, though each phase really isn’t that hard. There is a little bit of luck involved in phase 3 but overall the key is just to get everyone on the same page and to make sure everyone knows exactly what their role is in each phase.

Zul’jin will run down the ramp and start beating on the tank with his 8 adds. With our pally MT the adds were gathered up and died right away. If you use a warrior or a druid you may have to hold off the DPS while the tank gathers the adds up but they have no health and weren’t an issue for us.

Zul’jin will change phases every 20% of his health and each phase change is an aggro-wipe.

Phase 1: Troll

In troll phase Zul’jin has two abilities: Grievous Throw and Whirlwind. GT is a DoT which ticks for about 3k every second or so and can only be removed by healing the victim to full (like the second boss in Slave Pens). The Whirlwind is the regular 360 degree cleave except that it hits for about 9k.

Strategy: Plate and Mail melee DPS on the boss, leather melee and ranged DPS spread out. With the high damage from the WW and the fact that it is very hard to predict and avoid, we just had our leather melee (rogues) stand back and shoot for phase one. The incoming damage from the GT is plenty to keep the healers busy and 2-4 people taking 9k damage all at once periodically is not worth the extra DPS in phase one.

Healing: Watch for the GT and heal the victim to full as quickly as you can. If you are too slow you will loose someone or risk having two debuffs up at once. Having everyone survive all phases is essential for the DPS races at the end. Do not concern yourself with mana efficiency in the first two phases as you will have ample time to regen in phase three.

Phase 2: Bear

In bear form Zul’jin has Overpower and an AoE debuff which does 4-5k after 5 seconds.

Strategy: Everyone stands on the boss. Melee DPS be sure to attack from the rear to avoid giving him more dodges with which to use Overpower. Hunters be as close as you can. Zul’jin will apply the debuff to everyone in the raid but it is a magic debuff and is dispellable. You did bring a priest right? Right? /grin With the changes to Mass Dispell priests can now dispell up to 10 people. Since they are not usually want to stack spell hit often one or two people don’t get dispelled, but a single dispell or a pally decurse can help with clean up and it’s only 4k. Without a priest dispell the tanks and healers first.

Healing: Priests are Mass Dispelling. Make sure to have everyone properly clumped. If you have two priests have them both dispell to catch any resists. This phase is not hard to heal if the dispelling goes well. Just watch the tank for burst damage from the Overpowers.

Phase 3: Hell… I mean Eagle

After running to the center of the platform and turning into an eagle, Zul’jin will root in place and begin to spawn 4 tornadoes. The tornadoes will target random people, changing randomly. If they hit you they do a small amount of damage and knock you back a bit. Any magic ability used will damage the caster for about 1250.

Strategy: This phase seems to be made for melee DPS. Casters and hunters need to be auto-shotting while the melee burn down the eagle. Have the melee spread out as far from each other as you can to avoid multiple people getting hit by the tornadoes. What worked really well for us was to have the raid lead assign all the healers and casters a spot on the platform to stand to enforce a good spread and healing range. If you get hit by a tornado run back to your spot immediately and stay away from the walls to avoid getting pinned down and owned by a tornado.

Healing: Don’t. Seriously, limit the healing you do in this phase to a minimum. You will take 1250 damage for every heal you cast so always use the largest and slowest heal you have and only when someone is below half health. Bandages, Healthstones, and Health Pots do not trigger the backlash so have people using them. You should be able to regen your mana to full in this phase because of it’s length, and be sure that you do.

Phase 4: Lynx

Besides a minimal white attack, the lynx has two specials. The first isn’t too bad as he’ll quickly target 5 people and apply a bleed effect. The second is killer. He’ll target someone and unleash a crapload of quick 1-2k strikes.

Strategy: This is the first of two dps race phases. The healers should have all their mana back at this point, but will quickly expire if the last 40% of Zul’jin’s health doesn’t go quickly. Have the raid all bunch up on the boss. His two abilities are melee so he will run after the person he targets and unless everyone is already in range that means the melee DPS is interrupted as is the tank’s threat generation. Other than that just burn down the boss and pray you have quick, strong healers.

Healing: Having Target-of-target enabled is a must here and I would go further and recommend using a quick /focus target macro and have Target-of-focus enabled. The reason for this is because of how fast and often he will change targets. If you don’t have a heal spooled up on the current victim the instant he is targeted they will likely die. By using the focus you always know the boss’s target even if you are targeting someone for a heal. Boss is on the tank? Throw up some HoTs on the bleed victims. Boss on someone besides the tank? Quick heals.

Phase 5: Dragonhawk

The last phase is a true DPS race. The longer you take the more damage you take. At regular intervals he will debuff the raid with a stacking fire debuff which causes you to take extra damage from fire attacks. He also has a fire breathe which attacks in a cone and a fire pillar which will target random players.

Strategy: Blow your cooldowns here and unload. Try to stay spread out to minimize the cone damage. The fire pillars will target random players but it only targets the location they were in when it is cast. That means move!! The biggest issue we had at this stage was people not moving out of the fire pillar.

Healing: Just heal the damage from the random cones and pillars and avoid the pillars yourself. If your DPS is worth their salt this phase will be pretty easy for the healers. If not, the fire debuff will stack too high and you won’t be able to heal all the damage.

~ by Thuenderman on April 22, 2008.

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