Warlock Arena Update

I haven’t written much on my Arena exploits of late (mostly because we missed a couple of weeks and with only a 2v2 there isn’t much to tell) so I thought I’d say a few things.

First off, you may or may not have heard about the blue PvP gear you can buy with rep with the 5 major Outland factions, but if you haven’t and are new to the PvP scene you really need to take a look. I went and bought 4/5 pieces of the warlock set (the fifth is in CoT and I have been too lazy to go out there) and with the good PvP trinket I have 145 resilience right there, not to mention the legs and head were straight up upgrades for PvE too. They are a great way to get some quick resilience and stam and serve well to fill in the gaps you may have in your overall set.

This last weekend Vix and I got in our 2v2 matches and the resilience boost we both had was really noticeable. We went 9-2!! We do still have a low rating that has been slowly climbing back up from the learning phase, but we had an incredible week!

To be fair I have to mention that 8 or so of those wins were the same team, but it was really fun to see how they would evolve their tactics the next game to try to get us. Two of the 8 games they managed to kill one of us, me one time and Vix another (mine was because of me trying to kill them in the opposite order just for fun >.< and the other was Vix not popping her healthstone).

So the team was feral druid/BM hunter. The druid would come out stealthed every time and we would send pets to the hunter and just blow him up. I couldn’t fear him because of the BW/BWI but I really didn’t need to. While his kitty friend tried to sneak up on us we would just rush in and light up the hunter. By the time he got into the fray it was usually too late and druids can be feared just fine 😉

Some thoughts/pointers for both sides:

  • Look for the pet if you think the hunter may have Feigned Death. If you have a Raptor gnawing on your face, I don’t care what your unit frame/proximo says, that hunter is not dead yet!!
  • If you are a feral druid and are faced with a lock 1v1 the worse thing you can do is try to stealth or just run after me. First, if both our partners are dead the match has been going on for a bit and I almost certainly have a DoT on you in which case you will be pulled from stealth on its next tick. Also, I probably have my fel puppy out with paranoia up and I’m going to see you coming anyway. Second, as an affliction lock I’m going to have Curse of Exhaustion up on you so you will never be able to catch me on foot and my DoTs and pet are just going to eat your face. So what can you do? You’re a druid!! Switch to bear and Feral Charge!!
  • Go get your PvP trinket before you start arena. It’s very simple and just requires a little BGs. You aren’t going to do your hunter buddy any favors if we can lock you down with Frost Trap and Fear so easily. The hunter has just popped BW/BWI and has 18 seconds before my warlock is his worse nightmare, where are you? That’s right, you’re trying to run through a wall on the other side of the map. Lucky you.
  • I love having a full stack of DoTs ticking on a hunter who obviously has trouble with his movement and can’t seem to get me in LoS. Your 18 seconds is ticking away my friend 😉
  • As with any team with a healer, it is wise to separate them as best you can, but if it is a priest and he isn’t in shadowform be very wary of his proximity to his partner when he is about to die. We lost a round to a holy priest – rogue combo because we switched to the priest with the rogue at 50% and he had improved death… In PvE you take it for the 5% to spirit but I never thought about its use in arena. The rogue had 15 seconds of uninterrupted healing which he used well and killed us both. Lesson? If you see that angel appear when you kill a priest run out of LoS. At least you can try to bait the partner away from the heals.

~ by Thuenderman on April 23, 2008.

One Response to “Warlock Arena Update”

  1. For the first time in our Arena career, We have to admit that a loss was our fault. It was us v. rogue and we didn’t even think about that nasty little angel. and the other time…well, if you’re a lock that’s usually a healer and you see your sexy hunter’s health going down that’s one time you’re allowed to yell at her. 🙂

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