The long march to Wrath

The date has yet to be announced but as the closed alpha is rumored to be underway the time approaches. And it needs to get here quickly! I’m beginning to see the signs of stress:

  • More people in vent are playing Warcraft 3 mods than WoW
  • People in key rolls are burning out from the lack of variety (/guilty)
  • People having more gold than things to spend it on (not me of course, my alts make sure of that)
  • Bloggers taking indefinite hiatuses left and right

I propose two questions: What do we do in the meantime and what are we going to do when the time comes?

Do you plan to continue on in Wrath with the same main as you have now? Switch an alt to your main? Roll a Deathknight? To be honest I haven’t decided yet.

My in game identity and most developed skill set is with my priest, no question. It’s hard to think of myself as anything else or to admit to myself that I will be leaving him behind. He was my first 70 and I learned the game through his eyes (or at least from the eyes of the guy following him around with a camera for the last year lol). When I rolled my warlock I already knew about threat, talent trees, flight paths, attunements… Not to mention that everyone will continue to call me Thuender in vent.

The issue as I see it is that I don’t want to be shoehorned into being a healer for another two years. I fully intend to heal every instance we find in Northrend. I love healing and that won’t change. But if my main is a healer that’s all I’ll do. Healers are too needed for me to ever do anything on another toon. So I figure I’ll either be a DPS or a tank. It may sound selfish but if I make a DPS my main I can heal or tank on alts as needed and get to do all three. So with as few warlocks as my guild has I’ll probably have him be my main and roll a Deathknight to tank as well.

And what do we do in the meantime? What accomplishments will be most useful when the expansion hits (besides raiding content which will soon be obsolete, which even if an expansion is coming I still see as beneficial)?

Level capped characters: The level cap is going to be increased again so rerolling anything but a Deathknight will take even longer.

Maxed out tradeskills. I haven’t read anywhere to comfirm this, but I assume that tradeskills will be expanded with the expansion as well as a new profession: Inscription being added. Having all your tradeskills maxed out right away will allow you to continue leveling them at the proper level. I have toons with Tailoring, Herbalism, Alchemy, Fishing, Cooking, First Aid, and Riding maxed out so far. Mining is at 352, Jewelcrafting is at 332, Enchanting is at 295, and I left a spot open for inscription once it comes out. I may do an Engineer eventually and Vix has Skinning and Leatherworking maxed so I’m nearly set already.

What will become less and less important as the release draws near?

Gearing up. Blizzard has said that they will be equalizing gear again with Wrath so unless you’re in full purples most of your gear will be replaced with greens right away while questing.

Grinding Reputations. Unless you want something like a Netherdrake which may be usable in the future grinding out rep for Outland factions won’t bag you much.

So that pretty much defines what I’m doing already. I hope to have my mage and warrior at 70 soon and I’m already close to having most of the professions taken care of. Good luck!


~ by Thuenderman on April 29, 2008.

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