New Profession: Gold Lending

I was sitting in a credit union the other day on an errand to apply for a loan and I got to thinking how things you do in the dreaded RL often mirror WoW activities. How you have goals, challenges in the way, and certainly the grinds often necessary in achieving those goals. Basically my RL toon is an alt lol.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how there really isn’t any way in place in WoW to borrow money. There are plenty of things to buy, whether with gold or badges but you have to grind the gold or borrow it from a friend. I certainly don’t mean to imply that something like a gold lender is needed to make WoW work (in fact it may make the economy system overcomplicated) but it could be interesting.

Instead of having an NPC provide the service, what if it were a player controlled profession? I can see the new profession linked to the faction reputations. Factions have special NPC’s with quests to make trades, negotiate deals, transport funds etc, and your lending power and level grows with your rep with the various factions. Being tied to rep grinding would be a major deterrent to abuse and a draw to those crazy few who get exalted with every new faction the first week it’s introduced.

The key to making it successful would be finding a good system for enforcing repayment. The biggest problem is you wouldn’t want to be so extreme that people stop having fun. Possibly the biggest argument that a feature like this isn’t a good idea is that people could be turned off of playing if they accrue debt and are prevented from playing the game the way they want. It is a game and if you can’t have fun in it then why play?

It’s kind of like the argument for or against PvP. In the wrong circumstance PvP can be no fun at all. But at least with PvP even if you loose you get a reward and if that isn’t enough you can just avoid it without any negative consequences.

Given these thoughts I think the best use of an idea like this would be as a unique guild position or a profession only allowed to a select few in the guild, controlled by the GM. This way, the gold lent could go to buying bank pages, paying repair bills, buying member flying mounts while leaving the consequences of non-payment to the guild and/or GM and/or officers. Something like:

  • Reputation loss for the supporting factions over time
  • Repossession of guild bank items
  • Becoming hostile to NPCs in supporting faction cities
  • Inability to enter certain instances

An idea for a recipe for the gold lender might be an epic flying mount package. The lender would need to be exalted with all the factions which supply mounts (Skyguard, Netherwing, Cenarion Expedition) and the buyer would be given a credit item to turn in to certain NPCs to get their mount.

Something that would go well with this would be allowing guilds to invest gold in something. Maybe putting gold down on the success of a PvP objective in an area or on the amount of turn ins guild members perform. Perhaps a new new colony is being built or a war effort is being made. A guild could put a chunk of gold down as an investment for a period of time and have it grow in value if the PvP objective is held for more than 50% of the time or the more guild members support the cause with turn ins. Obviously the PvP investment would have more risk and would therefore be more profitable. These kinds of things would add to the sense of community and accomplishment of a guild. Maybe you get rep as a guild for these things instead of individually.

As with anything which involved in game gold there would be plenty of opportunities for abuse and it would be a challenge to design it in a way that would be secure, but I think it could add an interesting twist to the game. What do you think?

~ by Thuenderman on May 1, 2008.

One Response to “New Profession: Gold Lending”

  1. This is just a ploy to make WOW an even more applicable way to teach your future children economics. Lol. I’ve said it before- I won’t use wow as part of a homeschool curriculum!! Teehee. actually- i might. This is a cool Idea, though, as you said it might over complicate things. It would have to be totally optional and never necessary as part of an attunement or anything. Being in the banking biz meself I could see how it would be interesting. as to “investing” I think were it an investment in the likelihood of a certain team/faction to win a certain PVP event that sounds more like gambling. Something similar would work though.

    Do I need to buy you that T-shirt that says “this is just and alt, my main is [Epic]” ?

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