Holy CoH Batman!

The rumors are true. After my much enjoyed hiatus with the Discipline tree I have returned to Holy. And not just any Holy, a full 18/43 build with Circle of Healing.

After playing around with sites like Warcrafter.net I realized that my raid buffed +healing had finally crested 2000 if and when I were to repec Holy (2000 is the benchmark I have seen over and over for CoH viability). Since I was the only priest with Divine Spirit I was waiting to get another priest to cover it, either with a disc build or 23/38 so I could play with CoH. We happened to pick up a disc priest this week so I finally have my chance.

Let me tell you: I love Circle of Healing. I’m not even in 25s yet and I find uses for it even in 5 mans. Combined with the strength Prayer of Healing is beginning to demonstrate at this level of healing I am quickly becoming a force in AoE healing. I haven’t been able to get the WWS report from our last ZA run but it should be interesting.

Also, I wanted to share something I found to be very helpful with the Hex-Lord fight (we cleared ZA in 3 hours this weekend!!). Since I was the only priest in the raid it would figure we get the undead add who needs to be shackled for the whole fight while I’m supposed to be healing. Thank you Moroes for the practice 😉 The problem we were having was I needed to shackle, and occasionally move if the shackle broke. I have found that my Prayer of Healing is amazing for buffering the Shadow Bolts, so to put it together:

I had them put all the clothies in group two with me and had them put a raid icon over me. That way whenever the shadowbolts started flying all the people in my group knew where to stand to get their heals. I generally don’t move a lot for that fight but with shackle duty it is sometimes necessary. Some of the DPS were dying a lot and didn’t understand why I was asking for them to stay near me. It was oddly satisfying when the shadow priest said in vent :

“Wow, it’s a lot easier to stay alive when I stand by Thuender!!”


~ by Thuenderman on May 5, 2008.

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