Perfect score in arena, 10-0

So Vix and I had a great showing at arena this week.  Perfect in fact, 10-0 in our 2v2.  Our rating went from 1210 to 1364; almost back up to 1500.  We were completely new to arena when we made this team and our rating sunk as low as 1100 as we were learning and acquiring some better gear.  Now my lock’s HP is over 10k and he has 164 resilience.  Not too bad.  Some thoughts on our arena this week:

More than half the teams we faced were warrior / rogue (or kitty druid).  Is this normal for higher rankings as well?  Only one of the druid / warrior teams had a druid who would shapeshift and only then to heal himself and not to feral charge.

We are a kiting team.  With lolcoil, fear, curse of exhaustion, freezing trap, frost trap, and a scorpid pet we have all the tools we need to individually kite any melee.  In addition, we are both raid DPS specced as raiding is our first love.  If you let either of us stand and pew pew you are going to have a bad time.  If you try to get close so you can punch us in the mouth, you are not going to catch us and are going to die trying.

Guess what teams never got off the ground.  That’s right, MS warrior / rouge.  We don’t have a healer, don’t need one.  MS is useless.  Shadowmeld or stealth?  We have flare, track hidden, and paranoia.  Plus DoTs, hunter’s mark, and scorpid poisons are great for keeping a rouge honest.

Traditionally warriors are the toughest class for me, as they have 4035 ways to avoid being feared and they can close gaps with intercept.  I can kite a rogue all day long with curse of exhaustion and DoTs but that intercept and fear avoidance is a tough cookie for a lock.  I found that getting the pet on them (I use the felpuppy), DoTing, and CoXing them, then getting to a pillar worked the best.  DoTs tick, felpuppy chews a little face, and no LoS for intercept.

My proudest moment was vs a healer pally / rogue.  Pets on the pally to interrupt heals, DoTs on the rogue and fear chain the pally while Vix kites and explodes the rogue.  Only the pally got some heals off on the rogue (I think he bubbled to save the rogue) and Vix goes down with both of them still up.  Lolcoil -> Fear pally.  Can’t afford to have that rogue get any more heals.  DoTs, CoX rogue while keeping the pally close and rogue goes down.  DoTs on Pally, he’s using pillars to avoid a fear.  Out of mana.  Crap!!  But I’m Affliction: Dark Pact.  More DoTs!! More DoTs!!  He is totally on the defensive now and I get a fear off.  Shadow Bolt x2, game, set, match.

There was a funny moment vs a priest / warrior combo.  I lolcoiled -> feared the priest while Vix just exploded it.  He died within seconds of the start of the match.  The warrior hadn’t even gotten to me yet.  Then he stop and turned to look at the dead priest.  WTF?  I was getting ready to go into kiting mode with my finger on CoX when I realized he was just going to chill where he was for a bit.  Shadowbolt volley with Vix unloading on him at the same time.  He just started to move towards me again when the ground smacked him in the face.  I just have to wonder what was going through his mind.

~ by Thuenderman on May 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Perfect score in arena, 10-0”

  1. More DoTs!!! MORE DOtS!!! Not enough DoTs! MORE DOTS!


    you didn’t brag about my superstart moments?

    /cast Doghouse

  2. I figured you would cover it from your point of view.

    To be fair Vix was alive at the end of the match more often than I was. Her kiting is really an asset to our team.

    [felpuppy happily climbs into conjured doghouse]

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