Wrath News (cont.)

After talking with some guildies and doing some more reading on the raid progression that has been revealed so far for Wrath, it seems my previous outline made one important assumption which may turn out not to be true.

I assumed that, like the Burning Crusade, raid progression would start in the 10 mans and move to the 25 mans once players were geared since they said that the 25 mans would be a tier above the 10 mans. I need to find the reference, but it seems that the initial dungeon (Naxx?) will be entry level as far as minimum gear requirements for both the 10 man and the 25 man, with the 10 man providing the gear needed to succeed in the next 10 man and the 25 man providing gear for the next 25 man. That way the gear earned in the 25 man is a tier above the 10 man rather than the gear required.

I like that idea a lot. It also provides a way for players to gear up in 10 man content for the first few 25 mans. Say a guild needs to fill some slots in a raid for the second 25 man. Instead of running the entire raid for the first 25 man to catch them up, they may be able to run them for a few weeks in the third and/or forth 10 man. It adds a lot of possible flexibility to a guild. You could even work on a couple of the harder 10 mans if you are short a couple of raiders for a 25 instead of having to call the raid. I’m wondering how much you are going to be able to apply to the 25 man raid if you’ve learned the 10 man version.

I think raiding in Wrath is going to be a lot of fun and is what I am most looking forward to:

  • Lots of progression possibilities.
  • Freeing dragons in raids and being able to mount them and attack from them? Bosses tuned to using their various abilities? /sign me up

New class: Sure, I may role a Deathknight but he would probably only raid if the guild has a need for one (and what are the odds of that with everyone having one?) and would still be an alt.

PvP: Meh. I’m going to give it a try, but battlegrounds for me are like pulling teeth. I only do it when necessary. It may be fun to do some guild BGs with the new passenger vehicles but I loath PuGs, both PvP and PvE. I do look forward to arena though. Our arena team is finally starting to click and it’ll continue to be fun in Wrath. Two new arena maps too I hear: Dalaran and Orgrimar.

Flying mounts usable at level 77+, new mounts may gain the ability to have passengers, and ground mounts may gain another speed bonus. This will be a lot of fun I think. First, the mounts you ground out rep for in TBC will still be usable so that’s good (or bad if you’re like me and still need to get Netherwing and CE rep for those last two mounts; no excuses now lol). Also, if you’re like me and help lowbies level who lack proper travel speed or have another account and are leveling an alt it’ll be great to be able to have them hop on for a ride. I bet Druids get a travel form that can have passengers too. WTB a warlock class specific flying mount /greedy hands. And who would love a frost worm to ride? Yeah, I thought so.

More zones than Outland with multiple zones bigger than Outland’s largest zone and two starting zones. That’s all just win. I can see where a faster ground mount will come in handy, though it would have to come into play before level 77 to make a difference right? I wasn’t 60 when TBC hit (I rerolled on a TBC realm when it came out in fact) so I didn’t see the horror that was Hellfire when TBC was released. I really like how Blizzard seems to be really trying to correct oversites this time around and having more than one place to go when Wrath hits is great.

There will not be a world event when Wrath arrived, but rather there will be hints patched in prior to release which will give rise to the need to venture to Northrend. Very ominous, I love it. I picture Scourge attacks on outlying towns, maybe a new plague… Frost Worms showing up and terrorizing villagers? /yes please

Another Troll instance. ZG, ZA, now ZD? I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found the troll instances really bland. I really liked the boss fights in ZA, but give me the wide halls of a castle like Karazhan while I’m working trash any day.

I’ll add more thoughts as I compile them and read more.

~ by Thuenderman on May 12, 2008.

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