The Dragonkiller’s Days Are Numbered

My posts have been pretty spread out lately mostly because I have been pretty swamped with handling all our new applicants to my guild.  I’m in charge of reviewing all the written applications we get, contacting them in game, and arranging for them to go on a run with a couple of officers so we can try them out.  Well, we’ve been getting a large volume of apps from server transfers (Velen was the target of one of the recent free moves) and local people since we downed Zul’jin.


There are a surprising number of people who want to do ZA and an even more surprisingly few guilds who can do it.  As a result I get whispers all the time asking to come along with us in ZA and apps who are applying for no other reason than to see ZA and a good number of.

The problem is, beyond the first two bosses, you really have to have a group of 10 solid people with outstanding gear who coordinate well together.  Someone couldn’t PuG into our guild ZA runs.  It would go nowhere.  Finishing ZA is equivalent to late T5 content, and there are only two guilds on Velen doing that content and neither are doing ZA.  One just killed Illidan and the other hasn’t even killed Zul’jin and is on Vash and Kael.  So really the only way to get to do ZA is to start your own guild dedicated to it and run Kara every week for 8 months like we did and buy up all the badge gear you can.  Or join Dysfunctional Family 😉

/end tangent

Needless to say I haven’t been doing a lot of new and post-worthy stuff lately as we prepare for our transition into a 25 man raiding guild.

Our efforts may not make very good reading, but it is exciting to me none the less.  At last count we are at 30 active and regular raiders.  We still need to pad our key rolls a bit but we are very close to being able to fill a 25 man raid with 25 solid, competent players.  Last night, in preparation for our very first run at Gruul’s lair, we scheduled two Kara runs to run in parallel.  We filled both raids and both were full clears in under four hours.  In addition there were three regulars gone and three more that were unable to go because we were full.  Next Wednesday we are scheduled to make our first attempt at Gruul and I will be sure to post about it and the healing strategies involved.

~ by Thuenderman on May 15, 2008.

One Response to “The Dragonkiller’s Days Are Numbered”

  1. been reading up on the fight and since shatter affects pets, it’s best not to use them. grr- gonna have to marks/sv for this fight- unless using chuck but putting him on stay/passive in an out-of-the-way spot would work so I can BWI. hmm… gonna take some thinking.

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