Tier 4 Lays In Ruins

I really don’t know where to start… after months of building, growing, recruiting, and learning we finally took our first step into 25 man content last night.

And finished all of the remaining T4 content in three hours!

High King Maulgar?  We performed the pull flawlessly on the first try, no deaths:  one-shot.

Gruul the Dragonkiller?  Four people died on the first pull.  Of course, one of them was Gruul himself: one-shot.

We finished Gruul’s lair on our very first attempt with two one-shots in about 48 minutes.

“Wow, I figured that would take a little longer.  To Mag’s!!”

Now Mag has a lot more going on and we did not one-shot him.  But on the fourth pull he did eat dirt.  It was so satisfying to have 24 people gathered around the mound in Thrallmar as the head was turned in.  The pillar appeared before us, displaying our guild first kill of Magtheridon on our first night and we all flew up to take screenshots around it.

Another source of satisfaction for me is that I am the heal team lead for our raids and my strategies worked and my healers performed beyond expectations.  I intend to continue my series on raid healing strategies as I did with ZA, but as I have three new boss kills to write about and being that I have plenty of improvements I intend to implement (it was my first time every even seeing those encounters after all and my initial strategies were slight modifications to the strats on Bosskillers) I will hold off on those write ups until I have had a chance to run them at least once more.

Another reason for celebration is our graduation into 25 man achievements and our next mark in our realm standing.  After each kill in ZA we posted we had the hecklers on the forums trashing the fact that we hadn’t even started 25 mans.  “Who cares about ZA?  One shot Gruul and I’ll be impressed.”  I didn’t make that up.  Someone really said that.

Well sir?  Consider yourself impressed.

Our current standing on Velen is:

11/11 Kara

6/6 ZA (Third guild Horde side to clear it, the other 2 were our only BT guild and a transfer guild)

2/2 Gruul’s

1/1 Magtheridon (Seventh guild Horde side to complete Tier 4)

Only one guild has finished T5 (the BT one I mentioned, who has also finished T6) and the runner up is 5/6 SSC, 3/4 TK.  I hope they’re checking their rear view mirror.  That growing cloud of dust is Dysfunctional Family and it will be upon you very soon.

/cue ominous music


~ by Thuenderman on May 22, 2008.

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