I think of all the extra features I’ve heard discussed that people want for WoW in the expansion, I think the one I would enjoy the most would be customizable player and guild housing. Not so much that the structure itself be customizable but rather what is in it.

I have purchased every bank slot available for my priest main and I am within three or four slots of being full. And not with profession materials or raid consumables either. Three quarters of my bank is filled with old armor.

I started the habit when I would get an upgrade and wanted to free up bag space but wanted to save the item to do a more thorough comparison when I had the time. Then I would get things like the dungeon 3 set and didn’t want to get rid of it because of nostalgic reasons. Granted there is still a lot of crap I need to go through and get rid of that has been upgraded many times over and has no sentimental value, but a lot of it does. I’m a packrat, and I don’t want to have to get rid of that stuff either.

What I want is a way or a place where I can display my armor sets, weapons, faction reputations, raiding achievements, mounts…

What I envision is armor stands to hold my Dungeon 3 set, my Primal Mooncloth and Whitemend Sets, and each of the Tier sets as I retire them. I didn’t get to raid pre-TBC but I know plenty of people who did and have the Tier 3 set rotting away in a bank in all its glory.

I see a wall of weapon mounts where I can proudly display my Shard of the Virtuous, Light’s Justice, Amani Punisher, and Gavel of Naaru Blessings. I can only use one at a time, but would never get rid of any of them with how much they’ve seen me through.

I see a stable where all my mounts rest.

I see tapestries and banners decorating the hall in the colors of all the factions I’ve become exalted with.

I see great murals drawn on the walls depicting each raid dungeon I’ve conquered, and tokens of the battles proudly hung for all to see.

I’d love to see guild halls too.  All the realms have progression threads on their official forums.  How cool would it be if the game supplied a way for the people who maintain those threads to walk through a guild’s hall to verify their achievements instead of relying on screenshots?  I like the idea others have had of having portals to raid dungeons from the guild hall so members can convene there instead of having to travel individually.

It’d be cool to have special dress robes/armor accents that appear only in the guild hall when you wear the guild talbard which depicts rank (ok, I am an officer so maybe I’m a little biased /grin).  It would be neat to be able to recognize prominent members by their look.  You see them all the time in your raids but how often do you really look at them, especially with gear getting upgraded all the time.

Oh well, enough rambling.  Maybe I just need more bank slots lol!!

~ by Thuenderman on May 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Packrat”

  1. Funny, in RP my character has an apartment in Stormwind that mainly functions as a storage for all sorts of artifacts that may or may not have magical properties. It would be completely awesome to actually have that be a reality!

  2. A fantastic idea if ever there was one! and for hunters, a collection of “photos” of their history of pets. and for bosses killed, heads on the wall like a sportsman’s gallery.

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