Healing High King Maulgar

The High King Maulgar (HKM) fight is primarily an exercise in pulling technique and class balance. It is intended to challenge you to organize 25 people for the first time and make sure you know how to take advantage of each class’ strengths.

As the focus for this fight is on the pull and unique and standard tanking techniques, if all goes well the healing is pretty straight forward.

HKM is an adds fight. Maulgar and his four counselors need to be tanked in such a way that they can be dealt with one at a time without the others interfering. Healer placement is going to depend on where your raid lead decides to tank the adds, but in general the healers should stand near the entrance to Maulgar’s room or near the gate to Gruul’s chamber, whichever is closest to their healing assignment.

Blindeye the Seer (Priest)

The Priest is the first to die and does not require a tank and therefore does not require a healing assignment. DPS will be interrupting his heals and he doesn’t do enough damage to need a dedicated tank and healer.

Olm the Summoner (Warlock)

Every minute or so Olm will summon a felhunter which should be enslaved by a warlock. A tank and the enslaved felhunter will tank Olm together.

Olm will be second on the kill list, and if the warlock controlling the felhunter is using its abilities properly, the felhunter and tank shouldn’t be too hard to heal. Assign one healer to heal Olm’s tank and the felhunter. A priest, shaman, or druid make good choices here as there are two characters to heal.

Krosh Firehand (Mage)

Krosh will be tanked at range by a mage. He does fire damage both as fireballs and an AoE blastwave centered around himself. He also has a fire protection shield which can be spell-stolen by the mage which is why that strategy works.

Damage to the mage tank comes spikey and fast, so I recommend two healers (Krosh running around free because his tank died is probably the quickest way to complicate this fight because of his AoE). A paladin works great to catch quick damage and a druid, shaman, or priest to help pad the spikes.

Kiggler the Crazed (Shaman)

The last add to die is the Shaman. The simplest way to tank the shaman is with two hunters trading aggro while using their nature resistance aspect. This is not a difficult healing assignment as long as the hunters are decently geared and only one healer is necessary, though as it is one of the last to die make sure it’s someone with decent longevity.

Because their are two characters to heal I would recommend a priest or a shaman healer. Kiggler does have a polymorph so you could also have a druid in tree form heal it, though I have performed this role myself and have yet to be polymorphed.

High King Maulgar

Maulgar is the last to die. He has warrior type abilities like whirlwind and an enrage at 50%. While enraged he will do an AoE fear and charge random people. Fear ward the tank (usually the MT who can take the bigger beating for the longest) or use tremor totems.

Ideally you want your best geared paladin paired with a druid or priest to heal HKM’s tank. They will need to heal the longest and the paladin + druid/priest combo provides a good buffer to the heavier damage Maulgar does.

In Summary:

Tank: NA
Healer: NA

Tank: 1 paladin/warrior/druid and enslaved felhunter
Healer: 1 priest/shaman/druid

Tank: 1 mage
Healer: 1 paladin + 1 druid/shaman/priest

Tank: 2 hunters with nature resist aspect
Healer: 1 priest/shaman/druid

High King Maulgar:
Tank: MT, your best tank
Healer: 1 paladin + 1 druid/priest/shaman

This overview calls for 6 healers. Have any additional healers watch HKM’s tank, then the mage tank, then raid heal. As each add dies, have the healers on the freed up tank do the same.

~ by Thuenderman on May 29, 2008.

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