We are a Tier 5 raiding guild!

When someone talks about the classes I play, or raiding in general I like to know where they are at in the game and what successes they’ve had. That said, as a frequent reader of many WoW blogs I know that reading post after post about how this person or guild downed this boss isn’t all that interesting unless they can convey an entertaining account or can offer insight with the encounters.  I will try to keep my progression updates short and/or interesting and keep a record of our progress in a page on the sidebar for reference.

As I am new to all the content I am now experiencing I am still wrapping my mind around the complexities of 25 man raiding but my aim is to create some detailed guidelines for healing these fights, as well as how to plan and assign the heal team from a heal lead’s perspective.  I am working on High King Maulgar now, so that’ll be up soonish.

On to the epeen:  DF cleared T4 again (this time in an hour and a half) then proceeded to take out Doom Lord Kassak.  Then we took our first step into TK, taking out Void Reaver on the second pull.  I really wasn’t overly pleased with my performance or my heal team organization, but a lot of that has to do with never having seen the fight and our raid in general not being very organized with positioning.  Of course that says loads about our DPS.  I am confident that once the ranged get used to avoiding the orbs it will become a simple matter of healing the melee while being spread out.

In eight days we have 5 new guild first 25 man bosses kills and are officially raiding in T5 content.


~ by Thuenderman on May 29, 2008.

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