The Pheonix God Circles The Eye No More

Al’ar has to be the most fun I’ve had learning a boss fight yet.  DF went back into TK after our guild first kill of  Void Reaver earlier this week with the Pheonix God in our sights.  We didn’t one shot him or even four, but we did finish him on the first night of attempts.  I think this is the first fight where I really started to feel that the battle was epic.  We tried a lot of different things, learned a ton, and by the last pull we knew he was going down with 20% to go still in phase 2.  I can’t wait to write up the strategy and assignments for the heal team on this one!  2/4 TK!

Something else that made this raid special is that it was the first 25 man raid that Vix was able to come to and it was awesome to have her sitting next to me on her hunter being a part of it all.  I believe it was her first time being present for a guild first too!

In other news, I’m determined to have a tank ready by the time WotLK comes out and since my warrior hasn’t been inspiring me lately (in fact he is very fun to tank with and I got my first opportunity to do so this weekend in Mana Tombs but I am kinda bored with trying to solo with him) so I went and rolled a paladin.  I have no intention of healing with him (though it could help me understand the class better from a heal lead’s perspective).  I am leveling him Ret and plan to kit him for tanking.  He is level 23 so far and I’m really enjoying playing him.

~ by Thuenderman on June 2, 2008.

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