The Trifecta

I haven’t had much motivation for writing lately mostly because it’s summer. No, not because I’m out and about not playing but because everyone else is >.< For the second week in a row we were unable to staff a 25 man raid on Saturday, our second of two 25 man raid days.

It’s really frustrating to me because we just finally get rolling, getting a couple guild firsts every week and then everyone just stops showing up. We have the people, over 35 raiding members. We just have been having trouble getting people to ignore the nice weather and play. It’s great for those who have lots to do or live near all the people they play with, but I plan to raid well in advance and clear my schedule and then am left up a creek come raid time. WTB Fall.

Another thing that’s been bugging me is the complete lack of interest in 10 mans from the key roles, even on scheduled nights! We have 22 people on, 4 tanks, 8 healers, and what happens when they call the raid? All four tanks are offline within 5 seconds. I spent 30 minutes trying desperately to put together a 10 man (for Vix and the other newer raiders who still need the badges and a couple drops still from Kara and ZA) and had to settle on Kara with two people playing alts for our tanks who had never even seen a heroic. One of them was me on my freshly dinged 70 warrior /flex

Yup, I finally finished off my warrior’s leveling and now have three level 70s, a holy priest, affliction lock, and protection warrior: The Holy Trifecta. I now have a healer, tank, and DPS and can fill any role needed. It’s been a goal of mine for a while to finish a tank and I’m really enjoying the new challenge. I moved the warrior to my other account and have a blast two boxing him and my priest or warlock. With my priest at his side he is unkillable outside of dungeons. With my lock there he is an AoE farming machine.

I’m not sure how much anyone wants to hear about my warrior on this blog as I started it for my priest and to a lesser extent my warlock so I haven’t really been inclined to write much on it, though there’s plenty I could and probably will. Seeing the game from all three roles is adding so much to my enjoyment of the game and to my knowledge level too. You have to know so much more about every mob in every instance if you want to tank. That’s something I’m working on as I go through them all again with new eyes.

So I’ll try to get some more healing strategies up soon (Gruul, Mag, Void Reaver, Al’ar), but until people start showing up for raids I’ll likely be spending a good amount of time on my warrior, the young pally, and maybe the 55 mage who just maxed out enchanting 300/300 pre-outland and needs to get through the portal asap.

~ by Thuenderman on June 17, 2008.

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