More success in Tier 5

Wednesday Dysfunctional Family downed Solarian and are now 3/4 TK.  I have to hand it to the Wednesday group.  We are getting solid attendance on Wednesday and clearing TK to Kael with a one-shot of Al’ar is not too shabby.

It really goes to show how good the badge gear really is.  We’ve cleared through to Kael in TK in three weeks of starting 25 man content which means very little of it was due to T4 and T5 loot.

Our core of players is very skilled as well and we tend to be really quick picking up a new game mechanic.  I’ll throw in an exception here: Wednesday was our first day pulling Solarian.  Solarian is a very easy fight except for her explosive debuff.  Once you get that one piece it is cake.  We walked in there expecting to two-shot her at the least and only got her to easymode (20% when she turns into a giant voidwalker) and finished her on the 6th try.  Every single time it was someone not running out for the Wrath debuff.  Then we went and shot-shot Al’ar, go figure.  For the record, Vix and I both got the debuff just once and no one died on either occasion.

Now for the goodies!  I got my second T5 upgrade, Mantle of the Avatar after 3 weeks of handing out the few Defender tokens which dropped to the tanks.  I can now retire my Pauldrons of the Solace Giver (I hated that model! Yay for wings!).  I said second because last week we got the pattern for Belt of the Long Road to drop and I was able to have it crafted immediately. With that upgrade I have now retired both the whitemend set and the primal mooncloth sets in their entirety and could drop tailoring if I wanted to, but I probably won’t in anticipation of new stuff to come in Wrath.

And where does that put my unbuffed +healing?

/evil grin

2095!!  That’s nearly 2400 raid buffed!  I am consistantly coming in second on the WWS report in TK (and that’s with Prayer of Mending still not being counted /grin), only behind the superb shammy I have healing melee during Void Reaver.  Stupid chain heal and its awesomeness.  But really I love it.  Our undered geared healers are all but caught up on gear now and that last 3/4 TK clear was with only 6 healers.  I have a great team.

~ by Thuenderman on June 20, 2008.

One Response to “More success in Tier 5”

  1. our healers are uber. and you’re the bestest of the best. your uberness is only surpassed by your hawtness! /blows kiss

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