Raiding up dates and

I’ve found that my interest in getting new posts up here is directly related to my enthusiasm toward WoW in general.  We’ve had a raiding slump because of the holiday and summer in general but had some new fire this last week so I felt the need to get updated.  I’ll keep the points short as it’s really just a lot of little things.

First, I want to give a shout out to  Some of the healers in the WoW blogasphere have started a new forums site to bring all the healers together for discussion and brainstorming.  I think it has a lot of potential, especially at being a great place to organize data for the expansion before and after it’s released.

As far as raiding goes, we did our first SSC run this week and that got a lot of people excited.  We got Hydross on the forth pull (we have had the resist sets ready for a while now).  I love learning new bosses.  We got stuck at Lurker.  We still haven’t gotten the organization down for the adds phase and a couple people still need to get down jumping into the water, but our DPS is rocking.  5%-10% above recommended DPS rates per phase.  We’ll get him next week.  1/6 SSC, 3/4 TK

Finally got another healing article up (Al’ar).  I went to a briefer format that’s more for reference and healing assignments for the 25 man guilds.  I know healing strategies can be very guild / raid strategy specific, but hopefully they will help someone.  If not it’s a good reference for me and my heal team.

Getting some more time in on the Warrior.  He now is well above the entry Kara stat requirements (12k HP, 12k armor, 490 defense) at 12.4k HP, 13.5k armor, 504 defense.  I got the T4 helm and gloves and about 4 other things from Kara so I’m starting to get there.  I still need practice though.  I’m no where near as polished as I am when healing.

I used the Fire Festival to my advantage and got a few easy levels on some of my lower toons.  My paladin is sitting at 30 waiting for the next patch to give him a mount and my mage is finally at 58 and riding around in Outland.  His enchanting/herbalism was maxed at 300/300 for both and he needed the Master training.  Now my only enchanter is leveling again to support my other toons.  I’m thinking he’ll take up Inscription when wrath comes out and drop herbs.

The more I hear about the Deathknight the more I am excited to play one.  He may very well take my tank spot in my top three toons (Healer/DPS/Tank) over the warrior.  Everyone will have one but no one is going to tank with them right? lol

I’m still deciding who will be my raiding main in WotLK.  One of the other officers in my guild said he would probably be returning to his Druid (currently a frost mage) who he played pre-BC to heal in the expansion to heal.  With our shadow priest and rogue officers (the rogue healed as a shammy pre-BC) both wanting to get back into healing too a healer might not be the #1 thing our guild needs me to be.  It would be hard to leave my priest though, maybe shadow?  If the rumors are true about possibly getting 2 specs to swap between and gear needs for DPS/healing being the same maybe I could go shadow and heal when needed while getting gear for both at the same time (currently if my main spec was shadow I wouldn’t get priority for healing gear and wouldn’t be able to switch easiliy once we get very far in raiding).  If I could use the same gear for both I very well might go that way.  If it becomes that easy to switch, my top three may become my top 2 (DPS/Healer and DPS/Tank).

~ by Thuenderman on July 11, 2008.

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