Gear List Refresh and More Progression

I was discussing gear lists and healing priest stat weightings with some folk over at PlusHeal and I got to thinking about my Pre T5 Gear List. I made it to share with the community as much as to use as a reference for myself when looking for upgrades.  Now that I’m well into T5 I’ve have the #1 or #2 item for every item in my list and some that are above them so it’s about time I made a new one for Pre T6.  I can’t get to my research sites from work so it’ll have to wait for tonight or perhaps this weekend.  Look for that.

Our GM said something last night that I thought was very telling about our raiding core and expresses just how I feel about our team too.  He said he was very impressed with how well we are progressing while raiding only 3 hours a week and he really wants to get back to 2 nights a week so we can progress that much more before the expansion comes out.  We are killing on average 1 new boss a week for 3 hours spent.  Huh-what?!?

We started 25 mans with Gruul on May 22, and now 8 weeks later we have HKM, Gruul, Mag, Void Reaver, Al’ar, Solarian, Hydross, Lurker, and Tidewalker to 3%.  That’s 8.97 bosses in 8 weeks with only 3 hours spent each week!  After the success we’ve had the last 2 weeks in SSC we put up a poll for adding Friday back into the raiding schedule and it looks like people are starting to get the fevor again because we have nearly enough people sign up as we need!

Our raid leader said we are planning to get kills on the remaining 3 bosses in SSC and then start going straight to Vashj and Kael.  We have the gear for them already so we really don’t need to grind the lower bosses all that much (though I do hope I get my Earring from Lurker before we move on though /grin).

His key modivator is the fact that there are a number of guilds in T5 on our server, but only two have ever downed Vashj and Kael, or even Al’ar!!  They seem to be getting to 3/6 SSC, 2/4 TK and then starting T6.  I’m glad my fellow officers share my desire to not skip anything.  I take great pride in how far we’ve brought the guild and our standing on our server means something to me.  We should be comfortably the number 2 guild Horde side by the expansion (minus possibly the one that transfered here from a more progressed server, they shouldn’t even count) and should also have a good shot at being competition for the others in Wrath.

So as I hinted at, we got Lurker down on the second pull yesterday (after one-shotting Hydross, we got that one down already /grin) for another guild first and TW to 3%.  He’ll go down likely on Friday and we should get some good work in on Fathomlord.  2/6 SSC, 3/4 TK.

~ by Thuenderman on July 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Gear List Refresh and More Progression”

  1. We’re just that good baby! /wink

    And what in the world was Beltaine talking about? The only DPS I beat him on (looking at kills, not attempts) was “full report.” Hydross he was #16 (WTF is up with that? did he die?) and on every other fight he was above me. I mean- I’m glad he was impressed and all but I hope our officers know better than to just look at “full report.” At the very least (if they’re not going to analyze and dissect it) they should be looking at “all bosses.” Who gives a shit about trash DPS as long as it dies? If we were having issues with it I’d say it should be questioned, but if it dies- I don’t care.

    I’m really looking forward to tonight! We’re SO getting Tidewalker down. Then it’s going to be really frustrating learning the new people. Read my tidewalker thread in the forums to see what I’m talking about.

    OH! And I volunteered you for helping pass out bank mats since our guru is so busy. The way she said it made it sound like she can’t quite get it all done and i knew you would be on. Check out my “mudfish” post to see that conversation.

  2. Beltaine did indeed die on Hydross at the first transition. If you remember he said “Crap, I don’t know what I did, but I’m dead”. I believe he did qualify his low DPS to that death.

  3. Ah the old “wtf did i do?” excuse… I remember a mage pulling gruul and it one shotting him before he blamed it on a hunter standing next to him.
    samownall – Wow Blogger

  4. Where did the posts go? ^^ Give us t6 info!
    samownall – World of Warcraft Blogger

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