Winter is Coming

It’s been some of the roughest weeks for me in WoW and at the same time some of the most exciting.

My guild is practically on standby with all the officers but me off playing Warhammer and raids getting cancelled one after another from lack of personel.  We did actually step into Black Temple last week and got some pulls on Najentas but we only had 23 people and only two were officers and at least 4 new recruits.  It was cool to see some of the instance but we didn’t get anywhere.

I said it’s been rough because more and more I’ve been having differences of opinion with the other officers, mostly regarding the disciplining of poor raid performance.  It tends to come out in iritated bursts right in the middle of raids and I’ve gotten lots of negative feedback from it.

Any attempts by me of confronting the problem always end in “Who are they, I’ll go talk to them and straighten it out” or “I think it just you that has the problem because no one has come to the officers about it”.  But that is just the point.  No one wants to be in that conversation.  How do you tell someone you don’t like the way they yell at people in raids when they post topics in the guild forum saying they know their personality is harsh and they have no intention of changing?  The issue can’t be resolved one on one for every person in the guild especially when no change will be made.

So after a lot of thought Vix and I have decided to leave our guild, one that I’ve been in for almost a year and a half.  I feel a huge weight has been lifted.  The core of DF has some really great players and I will miss the opportunity to jump right into the 25 man raids in Wrath, but I won’t have to deal with that stressful environment anymore.

Now for the exciting part.  Vix and I have decided to create our own guild to build and lead through Wrath!  The looming expansion has given us the perfect opportunity to start fresh and the ability to run the entire raid circuit with a 10 man group has us very excited.  We will be able to keep the guild relatively small, not to mention that we both prefer the 10 man dynamic to the 25 anyway.

Some other interesting elements of this move will be the opportunity for me to design my own guild website and forum.  We decided to use a theme from George Martin’s fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” for the guild and it’s insired our imagination and is a lot of fun!  I first heard about the series a while ago from BBB and I highly recommend it.  Basically we name the guild “The North” after the major protagonists in the story.  They rule the kingdom in the north and are the last defense to the realm against the undead incursion attacking from the top of the world.  Sound familiar? 😉 I plan to use cold icy themes for the website as well as the Northern Kingdom’s colors and sigil: a direwolf, white on dark blue.  Our tabard fits with that theme too.

I even bought us our own vent server!

It’s going to be a lot of fun.  You can expect to see a lot here about our effeort to build our new guild. Vix will be the GM handling the social aspects that she is so good at, and I will be the Raid Leader so I intend to spend a lot of time going over boss fights and strats and I will be putting them up here, or perhaps linking them from the guild site.  I still haven’t decided whether I’ll be healing or not for Wrath but with my experience healing I imagine my guides will still have a healing flavor either way.

Those who have already read the Ice and Fire series will already recognise this post’s title.  We have a lot to do before Wrath arrives.

Winter is Coming…

~ by Thuenderman on September 22, 2008.

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