I don’t have the bored bug

I may have been cooling off with WoW a couple of weeks ago with the stress of my guild and the looming expansion, but now that I’ve started my own guild and am making plans for Wrath I’ve got too much to do.


I’ve been struggling with this topic for a while now: which character(s) am I going to play/raid with in Northrend?

When TBC came out I had no level-capped characters.  In fact, I rerolled on a TBC server when it came out and leveled my priest to 70.  Then I had to choose one character to play and was committed to him for a long time.  Not so now.

I started leveling a Shaman (Enhancement) and am really liking him.  To the point where I am trying to push him to 70 before the expansion to have him as an option.  So far he is at 38, WTB dual wield!!

One of the things I want to do in Wrath that I wasn’t able to do until the end of TBC is have one character of every role.  I have a 70 priest, warrior, and warlock now and can heal, dps, or tank as needed.  One of the things that really got us when my old guild was growing was missing one key role here and there.  I intend to have something ready for any situation as my new guild grows, likely settling into a role when we get a solid base.

My planned trifecta so far is priest (healer/ranged dps hybrid), shaman (melee dps/healing hydrid), deathknight (tank/melee dps hybrid).  Can you tell I don’t favor pure DPS classes 😉 I don’t really plan to use my lock and warrior much.

To Do:

Finish leveling the shaman.  My 60 mage is on the opposite account and has become his buddy.  It’s so nice to be able to AoE groups of mobs for quests and the ability to port myself all over the map is a huge time saver.


Our new guild is going to need all the resources it can get to push into Wrath and that includes having all the professions covered.  One of the things I need to find out that I can’t seem to find anywhere is where the majority of the patterns are going to be coming from.  If the good patterns come BoP  drops like a lot of them did in TBC (soulfrost, I’m looking at you /shakes fist) I will need to have the professions spread out among the raiding mains so we don’t miss out on opportunities.

If, instead, they come mostly from faction reps and BoE world drops we will be in much better shape and will relax our needs quite a bit.  Myself and another guy who came to our new guild from our old one have an armmada of high level characters and most of the professions taken care of each by ourselves.  If an alt can have all the useful patterns we won’t need to shift professions around much.

To do:

Gather mats so my priest can drop Tailoring and power-level Inscription.  I read that the new tailoring epic items are going to be BoE so there isn’t as dire a need for my priest to have it personally.  I’ll still have it on an alt. Siha wrote a great guide to leveling Inscription and that’s what I’m using to prepare.

I plan for my Death Knight to have Blacksmithing and Engineering.  A huge resourse tank I know but they are the last 2 professions I don’t have and they will compliment the class very well (plus, we’ll all need our motorcycles!!).

The Shaman is leveling Mining and Enchanting so I’ll have the low level mining mats for BS and Eng saved up.


I only have one epic flying mount as yet, on my priest.  At least I didn’t blow the gold on epic fliers for the lock and warrior since I don’t plan to level them right away.  My current plan gives me a herber in the Priest and a miner in the Shaman so the Shaman will likey get the next one to speed up gathering, followed by the DK for accessibility in Northrend.

To Do:

Reseach what we won’t be needing in Wrath and start selling off what we can from the guild bank.  We bought 4 tabs already and they are bursting with ore, primals, leather, and gems.  Once the Shammy is up I will need to farm dailies, herbs and ore to get my gold supply ready for new mounts.


I don’t know how much I will have time for hear, but I should at least finish the SSO rep on my priest for the title.  A lot of the new achievements will be looking at old world reps, but I don’t think I’ll have much time for it.

So I ask you, how could I be bored with all that to do!

~ by Thuenderman on October 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “I don’t have the bored bug”

  1. From what I understand, a lot of the new recipes are rewards from dailies. Dailies give you tokens, and token vendors sell bop recipes. This is definite;y done for cooking and jewelcraft, but I’m unsure about anything else.

  2. Hey Ner, good to see ya. Now that you mention it I remember hearing something like that. I think I’m goning to fire up the beta tonight and see if I can get some specifics for Tailoring. If it’s just a matter of some rep/daily grinds alts could totally hold some necessary proffesions.

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