Aff Lock / BM Hunter 2v2 Strats

Overall decision making tree:

  • If there is a healer, lock is harassing them with fear and pet while helping with DPS
  • If not, lock is harassing a caster
  • Hunter kiting any melee DPS, trapping when available, popping BW when appropriate
  • Both DPS the softest non-healing target

Vs. Feral Druid / Affliction Lock(succy):

  • Lock: Chain fear druid, pet on Druid to harass heals, DoT up lock, banish pet, DPS lock
  • Hunter: focus fire lock, BW out of fear/seduction, interupt fear

Vs. Frost Mage / Warrior:

  • Lock: CoT mage (refreshing if decursed), CoX Warrior, pet on mage, DoT mage, DPS mage
  • Hunter: Kite warrior, frost or freeze trap warrior, pet on mage, DPS mage

Vs. Holy Priest / Rouge:

  • Lock: CoT priest, CoX Rouge, pet on priest, DoT rouge, DPS rouge
  • Hunter: Kite rouge, frost trap rouge, pet on priest, DPS rouge

Vs. MM Hunter / SV Hunter:

  • Lock: DoT up both hunters, DPS MM using LoS as much as possible, Fear SV
  • Hunter: Frost or Feeze trap pets (no BW), fear beasts if possible, DPS MM

Vs. Warrior / Warrior:

  • Lock: CoX both Warriors, choose target warrior and DoT and DPS
  • Hunter: Frost or freeze trap non target warrior, pet and DPS on target

Vs. Shammy / Warrior:

  • Lock: CoT Shammy, CoX Warrior, pet on shammy, DoT shammy, DPS shammy
  • Hunter: Kite warrior, frost or freeze trap warrior, pet on shammy, DPS shammy

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  1. […] Mal is talking about strategy on part of his blog – there’ s a whole page about cooldowns, how to recognize them, what to do after/before they’ve blown and the like- but I think there’s more to it than that. […]

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