Class Gear Guides

Far and away the most looked for resource on my blog are my gear lists and links to other good ones. I’ve compiled my lists here for easy reference and they will be changing and growing as I write or find more.


Healing Priest Pre-Kara Gear (pre 2.4)
Best Casual PvE Healing Gear (pre 2.4)
Pre T5 Priest Gear for 2.4
Best Healing Gear 2.4 (Top 20 items for each slot; includes all endgame gear. Highly recommended!!)
Weighing Healing Stats in Patch 2.4
Healing Trinkets: Then and Now


Affliction Warlock Pre-Kara Gear
Warlock Spell Hit Gear (A good list to help you fill in your gaps and get hit capped)
Spell Hit Gear (An updated spell hit gear list with items up through Hyjal)

Gear Research Reference Sites

Loot Rank

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